This is the winter of our discount tents

So some of the September tent/camping sales have kicked off, and I need a new OOC tent.

I’m looking for something that:

— Is tall enough to stand up in;
— Can fit 2+ people (and kit);
— Is twin-skinned, and has the outer go up before the inner;
— Packs down small enough that I can strap it to a rucksack.

Any recommendations?

Vango mk5 fits those requirements, but isn’t cheap.

Even for standing up? I can only just stand up in my Force Ten and I’m 5’5…

On the other hand, I can thoroughly recommend it, especially as if you get one with a cotton flysheet it doesn’t look horribly out of place on an IC field. You can sometimes get second hand ones on ebay for very good prices, too.

Ah, I should have specified — as I’m pretty much always crewing these days, it doesn’t have to pass for IC.

(Original post edited to reflect this.)

Wow, you’re not kidding: Field and Trek has it for £365. I could get two Vango Icarus 5-man tents for that!

Yeah… they’re amazingly good tents :smiley:

DWM have you used the Vango Icarus 5-man tent? I am int he same market and it looks like it ticks most of boxes other than “goes up instantly”

If anyone has a tent that qualifies as per dwms criteria and has “instant deployment”? (needs to be at least 1.9M tall for me)

When I worked as an outdoors instructor doing DofE and things we were constantly throwing away Vango tents because they split at the seams far more than any others. But if you’re only using it six times a year it’s less likely to be a problem I suppose. But I still wouldn’t buy one. (Got to love empirical evidence.) My £30 Eurohike is still going strong after 10 years…

Mmm, I’m replacing a cheap inner-then-outer half-height 4-man tent that I got from Argos a good few years ago; for what it was, it lasted impressively well!