Thoughts on using a mask as a Wintermark

The reason being is the mask goes with my characters story. I’ve got mixed comments on Facebook about the mask but I really want some thing to wear on my face without changing nation although I don’t want any fake scars just yet on my character… Any thoughts

Mask looks awesome. Afraid I’m not a wintermarker and very new to LARP so my opinion means nothing. But I’d say as long as the rest of your kit looks very ‘Wintermark’ to seperate you from other nations then it makes sense. and if it would make sense for your character to wear it then why the hell not?

Not in Wintermark, and a new Empire player but from what i can discern regarding Wintermark, that mask is very “Stormcrowesque” and btw, looks incredible.

As a League player, I get the feeling you mean ‘are masks not a League thing?’ and maybe you are right, but we don’t have a monopoly on them. We use masks, we don’t just wear them. We cover our faces when the Reaper visits, we invoke characters from dramaturgy, but we also wear masks for mundane reasons like looking awesome or hiding our identities and those are not unique to the League.

From a gameplay point of view, that mask is not going to make anyone think ‘League’ too much. If the rest of your kit is Wintermark, the mask looks more like a statement piece to me.

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I like the bottle holder. “Wintermark mask, keep your Goosewhisper Infusion RIGHT WHERE YOU CAN BREATHE IT IN”

I use exactly the same mask as a Varushkan as part of my Battle Mage armour ( ILeatherCraft I assume?). No problem here about using it as a mask in Wintermark (as long as there is a story behind it).

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 15.13.02

Two players with the same mask? Such a fashion faux-pas…

Ah, but mine is on the left side of my face, not on the right :wink:

I’d expect Left vs Right would be an issue if you were to look in a mirror.

Evidence would suggest that Wintermark doesn’t use mirrors. I mean, if you looked like Wulfric, would you?

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