Throwing knives

Hey guys, so I was looking at HAL last time who had some nice little stab safe daggers. I was looking at using it as a stab safe dagger. My question is can you do so in this system and can you use it to slash as well? Am I allowed to do that and what is PD’s position on it?


You cannot stab with a dagger at Empire - “You must not thrust with any weapon unless it is a thrust-safe pole-arm.” from … ent_safety

BTW “pole-arm” in that bit also means thrust safe spears as well (obvious, but for completeness might be worth updating).

It’s also worth noting that the minimum length of any weapon, including a throwing one, is 8"

Also, if you have coreless daggers you wish to use as melee weapons, inform weapons check directly so they can check them for that - otherwise they’ll default to checking them purely as thrown weapons. Some of the quite soft cast daggers would be unlikely to pass a check as a melee weapon, I suspect.

tea why do you think a soft cast would not pass melee weapon safety check? It is unlikely to hurt anyone if you hit them with it.

The fact you will not be able to parry with it I can see being a problem for the wielder but not a safety issue.

It’ll surprise the target that you can’t parry with the dagger. Also, massive risk of punching etc when fighting with short very flexible daggers, and the whippy effect they can have makes it harder to pull blows.

I’m not certain whether or not they’d pass weapons check for melee, but ask explicitly to be sure of not getting in trouble later.

They pass if they’re used for what they’re intended - throwing.

The only weapon that it would be conceivably useful to be able to use in melee combat, that can also be safely thrown, is one of the javelins sold by Saxon Violence. They’re long enough and sturdy enough to work as a one-handed weapon while retaining a soft cored tip for throwing.

I had four throwing knives, all softcores, at E2. They were used in the first five minutes of a battle and I have not recovered any of them, despite marking them with blue and orange suede strips. If I were to caution you about throwing weapons in any way, it would be that they will get lost very easily.

Ataraxia you seem to saying that with a level authority? Can I ask where that is from?