Thrown weapons and javelins

Hey, I’ve been to a few events now but never actually seen anyone use the thrown skill, has anyone ever seen it put to use, I’ve never seen a where would you buy one?

There are a few traders who have done javelins, but they’re definitely not a common thing. Throwing knives and axes are around a fair bit more, easier to buy from most larp providers.

I used to have thrown, with a pair of javelins with streamers attached to them for distraction purposes mostly. I’ve also used them in monstering- fighting someone with ambi and throwing your weapons at them when they try to run is very good for shock value.

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Honestly, it’s mostly terrible: very few legal throwing weapons will go very far on an even slightly windy day with any accuracy. Nor do the go fast enough to be difficult to block/dodge. And they only do 1 damage in the rare event that they hit someone. Oh - and they hit so softly that I couldn’t blame anyone in armour for not taking the hit if they didn’t see it coming (in which case they’d dodge it) Also, trees get in the way. So - in summary - there’s reasons people don’t bother for battles.


I did think of getting it, mostly for things like “chucking into the back of a fleeing fugitive”. On account of if you play the investigative/militia game, your opponents are much less likely to be going round in full armour. But even then, Entangle, Strikedown or Paralyse seem handier.

One day I’ll convince a group to place a massive order for coreless franciscas, and we’ll lob them as a barrage as we charge. Worth 1xp each for the WTF value.


One of the more renowned Sentinels in Urizen made great use of thrown chakrams, he unfortunately passed away unrelatedly


I once belonged to a grenadier unit at the Lorien Trust; we all had ambidex and thrown weapons and went onto the battlefield with dozens of ‘throwing rocks’ (pipe lagging covered in gaffa tap and latex) that we would barrage over the tower-shield carriers in front of us. Hilarious seeing the enemy realise what was coming their way.