Thunder in the silver peaks (winds of war summer 378ye)

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In the north, in Sermersuaq, the passes shake to the thunder of drums and of marching feet. A
Thule army comes, marching under the banner of the white hound. The pounding of great drums shakes the snow loose from the highest of the Silver Peaks More than ten thousand orcs, out of Urdur, out of western Otkodov, marching to war.

They occupy the northern passes, building fortified camps. They begin to claim the mines of the mountains and the foothills, to claim crystal mana from the Stonefields. With their armies march hundreds of savage orc hunters, wrapped in leather and fur and marked with white Winter runes. They raid deep into Sermersuaq. Hunters returning to Atalaq speak of orc raiding parties spotted as far west as the northern shores of Lake Atkonartoq, as far south as the East Floes above Wreck.

Stealthy scouts are spotted in the hills above the Stonefield Ice Caves. Watching. Planning. It seems unlikely these sorcerous barbarians will pass up the opportunity to claim the bounty of ilium the caves represent, nor the many mana sites of the Stonefields themselves.

It is good they do not march unopposed.

The Green Shield and the Fist of the Mountain are here. When the beacons flame, they have barely stamped the mud of Varushka from their boots. Barely rested from their long westbound trek, they march north-east to stop the barbarian advance.

The armies clash in the foothills. Many winterfolk lay down their lives in the high peaks above the windswept plains. Many orcs are sent tumbling down the mountainsides.

They have not established themselves, but neither have they been driven out. At night, when the sky darkens enough that the first stars can be seen, the great drums of the Thule boom and shout across the mountains until the last star is hidden by the sun, rising behind the mountains.

The war for Sermersuaq has begun.

Orcs in Sermersuaq! I thought this one deserved a little more detail than usual (which is coincidentally why there is more detail on all the battles this event - like I said on Segura it’s an experiment) because unlike a fight in a contested territory like Karsk or Holberg, there are a lot of characters who live in Sermersuaq who ought to know a little bit about what is going on.

I actively encourage Winterfolk to think about Thule in Sermersuaq, and how it might affect their characters - it’d be entirely appropriate for even a hunter who has no military unit to be able to talk about seeing or encountering a savage orc hunting party chasing the same mammoths, for example.

At the moment the Thule haven’t established a beachead in Sermersuaq - they haven’t actually taken the Silver Peaks or the Stonefield Ice Caves - but it’s not for want of trying. If the two Wintermark armies hadn’t been there it might have been a different matter …

Minor correction - the Thule army marched out of Urdur, not Skúld as I originally wrote. I had my map the wrong way up.