Time-in on Friday?

Hi all, my friends and I have never been to an Empire event and I was wondering about the time-in on Friday. We go to college and don’t get out until around 3:30pm; it would be a 2 hour drive down to the event and we would probably leave at 4:00pm making our arrival around 6:00pm. Would we have missed out on anything and be too late to attend? If not, we were planning on buying weapons at the event, would that still be possible?
Many thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to Empire! So time in is at 6 o’clock so you will be arriving just as the game starts which means you will miss the new players meeting. I think the latest one will be around 4:30, however you can negate the information you learn there by having a good look at the wiki, the rules when in play and while in combat. Will you be sleeping in-character?


Buying your weapons at the event is actually what is typically recommended. So you’re good there.

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Hi and thanks for the reply! Sleeping in character was considered but we don’t think we will do so due to the cost of the bell tents and such, so we will most likely sleep out-of-character.

So for clarity’s sake, arriving at 6 is fine. You’ll want to go and get your tents set up first thing, obviously, so with that and getting kitted up you will likely miss some game time, but there’ no rule demanding you arrive before then and be on the IC field.

Likewise, traders are open throughout the weekend and battle doesn’t happen until Saturday morning, so you’ll have a good couple hours to browse on the Friday.


Okay, that’s great, many thanks for the information!

That’s fair enough, they can be costly and was definitely something at least I had to work towards validating getting :slight_smile: . Well a bonus to arriving at 6 is you will see Anvil it all its glory!

So 3 things they would tell you in the new players meet which maybe a little harder to find on the wiki that I found very useful are:

  1. Speak to the egragore of your nation if you’re unsure or need help with anything (they are really nice and there to help new people). Most people in your nation will know who national egragore is and can direct you to them.

  2. The phase “Im new to Anvil” tells people you are new to the game. It’s very useful if you are not used to roleplaying to the extent some people on the field are.

  3. If you are in a situation you don’t want to be a part of for whatever reason. E.g its boring and you are not interested, don’t feel obligated to stick around for it. You are there to have fun don’t spend time doing something your not enjoying.

Hope this helps and have fun!


Great, thank you for the info, it’s very helpful! :slight_smile:

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Hi there, sorry for consulting you again, but, would you know if it’s possible for us to arrive later (possibly 8:00-9:00pm) or early Saturday morning? I forgot that a couple of us have things on after college, so we would have to start off late. Again, apologies for asking so many questions.

There’s no requirement to arrive by a certain time unless you’re trying to camp IC. If that’s the case, there’s a limit on when vehicles are allowed in the IC areas.

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Great, thank you for the help :slight_smile:

As an example, I teach meaning I can’t take the day off, and often can’t leave till about 7 in the evening. In the past I’ve frequently arrived on site well after time in. It means you miss out on a few hours of “stuff happening” but that often just means you can wander in and ask what all the fuss is about and catch up pretty quickly.

As others have said, as long as you don’t need to set up tents on the in character field you can pretty much turn up whenever. After one really horrific journey I once ended up only hitting the field IC at about 11:30 on friday night.


The main things you will miss by arriving late are the new player briefing, and the practice skirmish. Both can be useful for new platers, but are not essential


That’s great, thank you for clarifying .