Time to embrace Youtube?

I’m returning to LARP after a brief 15 year break having formally played for 15 years from the age of 13, yes, we did LARP 30 years ago 
I find the game mostly unchanged but considerably safer and more inclusive.

I’ve read a lot of the Wiki posts and chatted to current players via social media but the most impactful and I mean the thing that has genuinely stirred my emotions has been the numerous posts on YouTube. Not only have these been informative but they have made me excited and reminiscent of the old days.

It would be great if some of the rules info could be moved into YouTube videos with the weapons calls probably being one of the easiest and most beneficial initially.

I also believe that the plot and background stories would be even better when narrated, try finding some mood lighting and an old dude in a wingback chair… You’ll see what I mean

Just my thoughts and I look forward to seeing many of you in a couple of weeks


It would take a lot of time and effort to do that well, IMHO,
There is an introduction video that could have 2nd to go over combat, but combat is a very distinct part of empire and not all it is. Some people have been recording the wiki into audio files, so the idea of each fluff segment read as an audio book has merit I think. But again, Lots of effort for something not urgently needed.
Will you be at the next event? There’s been a lot of improvements to the site over winter.


Yes I will be at the next event. I am fairly clear on the rules now tbh. I have had a lot of support from current players and a crew member I went to school with and played alongside back in the day.

As for making videos, I am pretty sure there are a number of people in the community who would do this with the approval of PD rather than having to commit resources to it themselves.

I need to walk again before I run but all being well I intend to throw myself completly back into the game.

If anyone wants to get in touch for a LARP chat feel free to look my character up on Facebook (Varushkan Dan) :slight_smile:

The issue with this is it would result in a range of video qualities, all of which would be under the Empire ‘banner’. PD might not approve of some of these videos using their name. Some videos could be incorrect, for example. Moderating the videos would be more work for PD.

Also, as filming is prohibited at PD, these videos would have to be filmed away from the events.

I thought there was already a video floating about which was entirely animated and talked about some of the basics?

I don’t think it went into rules, but if the person who made that video could be persuaded to do another video with the rules, that could remove the need for any live action. Especially as PD have tried filming combat and declared that it didn’t give the right feel.

EDIT: Ah, Mr Haystacks already said that, apologies for duplication of thought!

There is and it’s really good. The ones done by the Tabletop Weekly guys and even the Rickvanman ones where insightful.

I haven’t wasted my time with the illegally filmed battle videos as it annoys me that they can’t respect the rules.

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To be fair, that video was filmed before the ‘no go pros’ rule I believe.

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Far as i am aware the videos were taken before the filming restriction took place and during the early days so no spoilers for current events, Yoularp had fantastic footage and is why i checked Empire out in the first place.

Calls could be done at one of the training events organised on fb, how to react etc most are obvious.


There is a skirmish practice ran by the skirmish crew that new players are welcome to go and try. The times have been shared by the new player team.

Holly is currently working on another video that goes into more detail.
I agree with the sentiments already expressed that it’s a hell of an undertaking for PD to convert the rules into video format well or police fan-made attempts.
Also it’s much easier to change a rule on the wiki and explain the design reasoning in text, it seems