Top tips from recent new Empire players

We’ve had a lot of new players in the last three Empire events and I was wondering what you all have learned that you wish you’d known coming in to the game?

So tell us your top tips you’d give to yourself if you were starting Empire now.



I would like to subscribe to this post. It seems like its going to have a lot of good information for me :slight_smile:
thanks for making it.

Some practical advice i’ve picked up from 3 events:

  1. If you have a question about a cultural brief, history, geography and don’t want to ask anyone, go to the Anvil Library and research it. They have IC books which contain most of the information from the wiki

  2. The game is too big to know everything so become a specialist in something you enjoy. If you ever need something from a different game system then ask around and find another specialist to help you

  3. Spend your xp on the field. No game system will be the same as what you imagine from reading the wiki. Spend a bit of time at your first event witnessing rituals, discussing virtues, or asking about national battle tactics before committing your xp at GOD

  4. Buy a notebook and write down events you would like to go to, and the names of people you meet. Also go to the HUB and check the flyers for interesting events

  5. Buy weapons (and maybe armour) on the field. Perhaps you can get it £5 cheaper online, but you won’t be able to try it out, see it in the mirror, or guarantee it passes weapons check

  6. If you are unsure about taking to the battlefield as your character, for whatever reason, you can volunteer to monster twice. Monstering is the best fun i’ve had at Empire and would highly recommend it as an introductory larp combat experience (the new player skirmish also fulfills the same role and is a great tutorial)


Have your next character planned before you die so that character death is an exciting opportunity rather than a depressing end.


find some people who are friendly and stick with them. Learn about the world from them

oh and try and convince some friends to come, it’s great to have so other people who you know with you.

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From 2 events- Talk to everyone you can in your nation, make enemies & rivals (IC) as well as friends. Go on a night time trading/drinking/cultural learning expedition around Anvil with other new players from your nation, go to the other nation’s bars and shops and cultural events- it’s amazing fun and you will meet even more people. Make something out of anything- have an IC emotional response or opinion for everything you see or hear that happens around you. Do enough things and someone will respond to them, and you get game.


Great points there Eedd. I’m completely new to Larp and am soaking up all the information I can! Looking forward to attending one day, once my character is written up and I have the gear.


Sometimes, the backstory you wrote doesn’t fit the character; or you figure out your character’s backstory -after- the first event. Write a better one, and submit to PD to change the one you wrote when you started the character.

If you’re an anxious type, and feel overwhelmed, there are tents and people you can go to for a little time out to ease your mind and find your centre again. (I hope to have a tent IC for those of us who’re prone to OOC anxiety, for 2019.) Find an item, that can help ground and centre you, that can fit within the game. Beaded necklace, like a mala/prayer beads, or a plush toy, or a worry stone on a thong/chain/necklace, to use that won’t be too at odds with your nation (and lineage, if applicable).


My advice would be to make your own game. As in, go around and chat to people, ask questions - people love talking about things and are always there to answer questions - talk to everyone and anyone, learn things, bring a book and write things down, go round everyone’s camps, visit other nations.

Just explore.
Many thanks,
Annabelle (Sneery Watch)


This is brilliant!
I’m a new player looking at Wintermark and this thread has given me some more confidence about attending in april :blush:


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