Totally leathered

I looked at this trader on the wiki and thought the work that they have done is amazing, but noticed that they have not made a post since 2012; does anyone know if they are still active or if there is an alternative way to contact them ?

Give some of those contact details a go.

Thanks, yeah I have tried both the email and Facebook message and didn’t get a response so was wondering if anyone had any alternative ways to contact them, but I’m assuming that they are probably just no longer in business :worried:

But if anyone had any other recommendations on custom leather armour makers that would also be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: I have looked at all of the ones on the wiki and most seem to be very expensive, does anyone know of any in a similar price range as ‘Totally leathered’?

have a look at Jackerdemalion - she makes a variety of leather stuff and larp shields.

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