Trade game

so just shooting an idea out there so feedback is very welcome.

so the idea is as such:

there would be a tent set up were a group of people would meet for an hour
(or more) and would give 1 throne or the same amount in items in trade for tokens to represent that wealth.

the aim of the game would be to use wit, planning and wordplay to gain the most tokens to win something (I’m drawing a blank as to what). it’s up to the players as to what they trade their tokens for but its more for things that not use coin such a getting power in politics or making someone promote your work etc.

in the end, the tokens would be changed back into coin. I kind of want to make it for people who cant play in the big league (so smaller traders) and also just a way for people to meet others. also I just loving making deals.

anyway, any feedback is welcome I still have a lot of work to do with this idea and I really should not be writing this late at night.

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I had a similar idea that I was going to run as part of a tournament. Everyone gets three ribbons or pins or something. They have to have as many of these ribbons as possible after a time limit. They get negative points for not getting rid of their ribbons, to promote people to trade instead of hanging on to them. As this was going to be part of a tournament, the winner would get a point for their nation and then a poem, song, painting or something similar.

Having it run with other events means people can try and get the tokens through offering to help in the other events or something.

What I really like about your idea is your are using it to get people to come together. This is a very good thing and should be encouraged.

Last event I went round talking to people and seeing who could help me with this sort of thing. Dawn obviously like the competition part but I think the league would also like it. There is also a naga in wintermark called shaman. He does a lot of quests and challenges. He might have some tips for you. Finally, you might find heralds of barien walking about who could help you. I’m also happy to give you some advice I however it will be fairly limited.

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