Traders on site

Hey all,
Does anyone know of any weapons traders that will be onsite for the next event? We have taken some offensive spells and have just realised that we will need rods or Wands or staves or something to use them and now don’t have time to get anything through the post?
Thanks E x

There will be 2 whole rows of traders in the middle of Anvil, near the Senate and Forge Pub, Can take a while to go round them all, and several do appropriate weapons/staffs for Empire.

if you want to check their websites before hand the list of traders is here:

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Wands rods and staves turned out to be a little sparse the last time I was there though. Or maybe it was just the rods, as that’s what I was looking for.

Wizards staffs, stocked by most of the weapons traders. Wands, a few more, and there are some nice ones there. Rods (that is, functionally a 1 handed weapon) I found all of three different designs, and went for a “mini-Saruman-staff” one courtesy of Eldritch.

I’d always recommend buying on the field even if you would have time to get things delivered, as it lets you try things out before you buy them.

There should be a decent number of rods around; if you’ve taken Battlemage a staff is probably better, but without that, a decent rod is definitely the way to go.

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You could contact traders that will be there, ask what they have in stock and ask them to set aside something for you. I have ordered a rod from Gems Trading co, which I will pick up at the event. She usually has a limited stock of beautiful weapons from Medlock armoury.

There is no substitute for having a weapon in your hands before buying though. I have also found that the selection of mage implements is much more limited than that of other weapon types. Eldritch usually have a handful on offer.