Trading guilds?

anyone know any trading guilds or anyone have intrese in such a thing? just wanted to test the water.

Short answer: You are aware that The League cartas are a thing, right?

Long answer:

Trading is often a solitary pastime, but you might find that one of the trading archetypes will have support staff or that traders are working together to advance collective goals.

  • Go to the League camp and find any tent with the word ‘carta’ outside. Merchant Prince is basically a trading role and each carta should be lead by one.
  • Similarly, the Urizeni Architect is an active trader who has a plan.
  • Navarr have Brokers who might act as intermediaries between two trading guilds, so seek one out if you are looking for a guild or trading group.
  • The Brass Coast have traders, but also have a whole Scrivener archetype who draw up contracts and this may be a part of your dealings.

On the other hand, you might seek out specific archetypes who need to do business with traders.

  • Highguard’s Benefactor archetype will often want to trade to help them achieve their goals, even if all they are doing is gaining some more money.
  • A Dawnish Seneschal runs things so ‘real’ Dawnish can get on with their glory, but might be up for trading either for profit or to acquire the goods they need for a project.
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