Trading restrictions?

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I’m looking to attend my first event. Ideally after attending my first event I really want to set up a trade cart. I’m a creative technologist and used to be full time in theatre, so most of my skills are in making cool items and props. I think I could make some interesting items to sell.

My main question is that while trying to devour the wiki I found the rules for traders. Now I take it this is for traders looking to sell mostly/all with OOC currency. If I’m looking to set up a traveling cart where I will be selling items strictly for IC currency, do I need to follow that wiki page? Specifically the part where the list is currently closed to new sellers and the fees for a pitch. I’m 95% sure I will be ok as it will be all IC, but wanted to make sure!

Had a good search on the wiki and here but couldn’t find a definitive answer. (to start with my items wouldn’t be things that would need to be made by a particular profession, i.e. potion maker and more just trinkets)



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if i remember correctly, the only thing you not allowed to sell IC is hot food.This is so that the food sellers that have paid PD to sell food at the event are not undercut and they can keep coming back (which i agree with. It helps PD make more money and in turn helps us)

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That’s fine, yes.

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You can sell anything including hot food if it’s fully IC for only IC money. (e.g. the Artisan’s Arms in Wintermark does this)

You can’t sell hot food / freshly prepared meals if you’re selling things for OC money. However, you can sell other things for OC money as long as you’re based out of a handcart etc or a normal player space in your nation camp rather than the marketplace; the paid pitches / being full thing only applies to bringing a large trade stall for the central marketplace.


I stand corrected. it seems i misread the wiki section about it the first time around and thought it meant for IC money as well.

here is the appropriate link with the trade rules.

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