Trading with the Jotun

Sort of a rules question, sort of a setting question.

In light of our peace treaty with the Jotun, is having your fleet trade at Kierheim still a crime? If it isn’t, is it still more productive than raiding Kierheim?

I believe they are still listed as Barbarians, in which case technically yes.

According to this page the Jotun are not considered foreigners and raiding is not restricted. Based on that, I would assume they are still barbarians and therefore trading with them is a crime but raiding is not. #NotARefOrAMagistrate

Chris is correct.

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I suspected that this was the state of affairs, but thanks for the confirmation. :slight_smile:

From how I read the treaty and the wiki it is a case of they are still classed as barbarians and the orcs agreed small scale militant raids would happen on small scale from both sides.


It’s a crime. The treaty addressed formal military engagement with the Jotun exclusively.

It’s not a crime if nobody finds out. :wink:

Trading with barbarians/Raiding foreigners is always a crime, and makes my character very, very sad.
Mainly because one of the ports being raided is his favourite for trade (hello mana crystals!) [size=50]And not at all because he’d thought of trading with barbarians until he heard that people have been doing so, and thus someone knows who they are![/size]

It’s clearly time for a lobby group funded by interested parties to get to work convincing the Senate to declare the jotun to be foreigners for the duration of the Peace Treaty.

Remember kids - lobbying is cool and bribery is not a crime!