Train times?

I might have to use the train for E1 this year… What time do people recommend getting return tickets for? I would book open ended tickets but it almost trebles the price :frowning:

As long as a piece of string.

Generally I’d go for as late as you can that still gets you home at a sensible time.

Depending on where you are going, it might be easier for you to go from Stratford Parkway station rather than Redditch - it’s not much further for taxi fares, and gets you to London Marylebone non-stop, avoiding Birmingham New Street.

Whilst Stratford Parkway isn’t much further from the site than Redditch, bear in mind that the traffic getting into Stratford can be pretty bad, especially on bank holidays. Despite being a “parkway” station, the station is not hugely far from the centre of town. I only mention this to try to ensure that you leave enough time to get to the station before your train, not as an attempt to discourage using Stratford.