Transport to the site from Bristol

So my first event is going to be in July and I’m anxious about travelling there myself. I’m travelling from Bristol and would like to head down on the Thursday; is anyone going through Bristol Parkway or Bristol Temple Meads on the train or from/through Bristol who may have some spare room for myself and some (how much is still being figured out) luggage in a car? Ultimately, I’m willing to travel alone but the idea of travelling with people who have an idea about where they’re going and what they’re doing is quite appealing.

Travelling by train would be pretty straight forward for you, change at Didcot Parkway to Oxford and then from Oxford to Banbury where there is a free minibus service.

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If you haven’t already posting your request in the Empire Travel Arrangements facebook group might give you some more responses.

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For reference this is what the mini-bus driver posted about pickups from Banbury last time, he’ll post an update in the Travel Arrangements FB group closer to the time if things change, but this is normally how things work.

“As usual, the PD minibus will be running. So pickups from Banbury station Thursday pm, Friday until time in and 4pm Sunday till no more left queueing.
Also from Leicester 11am Thursday with the usual arrangements. Return late Sunday.”

"Officially We will operate a minibus service collecting players from Banbury train station and bringing them to site. This minibus will leave Banbury at 15.45 and 19.15 on Thursday and then at 12:00, 13:30 and 15:00, and 16:30 on Friday. Return trips on the last day start from 16:00 until everyone is ferried. (per the wiki)

However, Unless I am crammed full I try to wait till 19.30.
I often fit in three runs rather than the official two, however this can’t be guaranteed. It mostly depends on passenger numbers, loading and unloading times. (and whether it is drive your tractor slowly day.)
If I knew in advance that a substantial number of people were arriving later, I could be persuaded to do a later run. But PD suggests share a taxi if you arrive outside usual hours. Also, lots of delayed trains can play havoc with minibus timings

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Didn’t know there was one until now, thanks!