Traumatic Wounds

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I figured it would probably be best to post here than bother PD admins yet again.

Who would I email about making a “self-imposed” traumatic wound official?

The slightly more complete story goes: for the purposes of drama and conflict I decided it would be fun and make sense if my character had sustained an injury while fighting in Brocéliande which couldn’t be fully fixed but was now stable. They are now taking “medicine” to keep it stable, but the sound’s still there. I spoke to a friend at the hospital and she suggested making it an actual, official traumatic wound, so here I am.

Any help is appreciated as always but if not I’ll go bother the wonderful admin crew again.

On a different note, E3 was fantastic, thank you as always, special thanks to the crew because you’re all awesome and do such a great job.

Have a great day everyone!
staying purposefully ambiguous incase any of my friends find this post

That sounds like personal one off plot which may not be supportable in a field of 2000 players, however it doesn’t hurt to ask.

I would suggest emailing admin@

On the other hand there is no reason why you can’t just keep playing as is. Un-solvable wounds are a common reason for various OOC personal needs and won’t be commented on unless you bring it up.

A traumatic wound with a card on the other hand is something that will be investigated, poked and prodded at and expected to have a solution - after all it looks like plot.

So I don’t mean to discourage you but PD have a history of saying no to requests for traumatic wounds between event’s. You may notice that quite a few of the winds of war/ fortune where People have the option of starting with one in thier pack if they went X have a “please don’t contact us if you didn’t pick this option” disclaimer on the end.

That said a nothings stopping you from roleplaying something with no mechanical effects (lower bleed count death if untreated ect) as extra RP is fun for all

It might also be worth going to the enquiry desk at the event and asking there’s as thiers more likely to say “that’s so cool! let me see what I’ve got” rather than “ugh email number 803 asking for extra stuff in their pack Denied”


Fundamentally, the question at hand here is “do you want this to be something that can be investigated and fixed within about 30 minutes?”

If the answer is “yes”, then turning it into a mechanical traumatic wound is reasonable. When you walk onto the field with one, the Anvil Hospital team are likely to jump on you and fix it on the spot.

If the answer is “no”, then you shouldn’t turn it into a mechanical traumatic wound. You should just continue to role-play “I have an old injury that flares up sometimes, nothing to be done about it” and maybe have a physick friend give you some marrowort every day or so.


The long game is to “I’m a capable physik, I can deal with it myself”-it-up until someone notices and forces my character onto a bench. I’m currently playing a physik who works at the hospital and it’s always fun telling people to take care of themselves and never self-diagnose, and then doing the exact opposite.

Thanks for all the help and advice. I think the current plan will be to see if anything traumatic comes from Tour De Broc, and if not ask at GOD if this is something reasonable that can be done at the event.