Travel to next event

To give you a run down of how new I am to LARP, I first heard about it on an in flight magazine two weeks ago.

And now I want to go to the next event, because spontaneity is always fun. If I do go though, I’d need to go with someone else. I can drive and have access to a people carrier, so space isn’t an issue. I just need someone to split petrol money with.

I’m from Surrey, near Guildford, and if someone would be willing to car share, I think that would be the deciding factor that would make my decision to attend or not.

Thanks in advance.

This Facebook Group might be useful

Empire LRP: Travel Arrangements

Many thanks!

Hurrah for on flight magazines!

Welcome to Empire, I hope you enjoy it. Have you decided on any aspect of your character yet?

The Navarr nation appealed most to me! So I guess that already says something about my character will be like. But also, I couldn’t stand the idea of wearing big bulky armour during battles, so a light and nimble fighter made more sense.

Welcome to Navarr! Have you found the Facebook group yet? Post there, and you will be provided with more advice than anybody could possibly need, some of it vaguely on topic. We like new people :slight_smile:
Navarr kit basics are simple - I got my first kit from an afternoon in charity shops, under £30 the whole thing.
Then you just need plenty of eyeliner for tattoos - Boots 17 ‘Tattoo me’ eyeliner stays put amazingly well and is very highly recommended.

Armour is great for helping you survive the battles - light/medium doesn’t cause too many mobility issues (albeit as with much of larp the more you want the more it costs). Its worth checking out the traders for kit and ideas, “Das Shoppe” is a good starting place for 2nd hand kit, but if you’re completely new they just buy generic stuff until you have a firm idea what sort of character you might want in the medium/long term.

Meanwhile you might want to go along to the new player briefing on the Friday :