Travelling by train logistics

So two friends and me will be going to our first Empire event in June and we’ll be travelling from Belgium to Empire by train.
Luckily I have travel figured out, but I just started looking into the logistics of it all, bringing a lot of camping gear, kit, clothes, weapons etc is already a lot, let alone bringing some food or water for the whole weekend.

Is there a possibility to only bring a minimal amount of water and buy big (read: not overly expensive) bottles at the event or somewhere around the site?
Does anyone have advice on travelling by train to the event and wants to pass on their knowledge?

Thanks in advance everyone!

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There is no need to bring water (although having some for travelling is of course very good practice, particularly in June!), as there are standpipes located all around site to fill up containers to drink from.

As for travelling by train, the important thing is to make sure you can get all of your kit onto and off the train. I find having a large camping rucksack helps for this, as it leaves my hands free for various other bits of luggage such as my tent.


Large camping rucksack with much stuff in, and wear what you can (boots, costume trousers etc).

If you have weapons or similar which will not fit into a rucksack (many do not), look into getting a sports bag* of some sort (used for carrying hockey sticks, or even rowing oars) to conceal it in. They’re meant to look realistic, and walking onto a train platform with a sword is likely to attract official attention. If confronted, “they’re theatrical props, would you like to swing it around officer?”

*A couple of black bin bags wrapped around it will also work, although gives less protection.


One piece of advice, there’s a minibus from Banbury station on Thursday and Friday, details here:

You can also hire a taxi from there, which for the three of you hopefully won’t be too expensive. Anyone have any experience of taxi costs to site they can share?


@bucketofkay There being water freely available is great! That will make it a lot easier!

@Geoffrey_Willoughby Yeah I’m thinking of making a large zipper bag to hold our swords and my shield. I already messages Eurostar and apparently I can safely keep the bag with me on the train keep it safe.

@Mark_Wilkin Thanks for the tip! We were already planning on taking the minibus service but are still wondering how reliable this is, as in will everyone that wants to use it always be ferried over / how much space is there in the minibus / do we need to ask for it in advance etc.
I’m guessing Uber is a thing in the UK right? If need be I guess we’ll always be able to make it to the camp site by booking a cab, indeed.

Thanks everyone!

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It’s pretty reliable and they will usually keep going until everyone has been taken to site. You don’t need to book, just be ready to jump in when it arrives at the station.

Uber is a thing here but I’m not sure there are a lot of drivers in the area, however there will be local taxi services you can call and you can find them via Google or adverts at the station. Braxi Taxis (01280 700 600) and Direct Taxi Services (07512 929 297) are mentioned on the wiki, but hopefully someone will be able to recommend some others they’ve had good experiences with.


I’ve taken taxi from the station to camp site twice. Can’t remember which firm, but price is between £30-£40 depending on time. If there’s a few of you, definitely worth it.