Tulpas? Help please

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I’ve been reading through the astronomancy page and am confused over the whole Tulpa thing. Is it possible to get a bit of help with what they are or is that a find it out IC thing?



They are basically a manifestation of the ideas behind a single constellation - a bit like an classic elemental is a single element given form, they are a single batch of concepts given form.

That form can be physical - like an classic elemental would be - or the thought-form can have no physical presence and just exemplify certain thoughts and actions in a person.

Each constellation has examples of tulpas that it manifests - such as the Phoenix manifesting in vigorous, enthusiastic creatures exemplifying the idea that Things Learn - that knowledge and experience can transform and lead to rebirth, like a Phoenix.


They’re weird magic creatures that are sometimes the fault of wizards (often Urizeni) mucking around or sometimes caused by conjunction of constellations in the sky or other “weird magic stuff”. They can manifest as a person or thing that embodies a constellation or sometimes they can be a thing that influences people’s behavior towards a constellation’s theme.

Here’s some examples of Tulpas from The Claw

Tulpas of the Claw

The thought-forms of the Claw are usually bestial in aspect and, unsurprisingly, clawed. They take the form of fusions of human and beast, or of beasts of unusual size. Old One-Tusk is believed by the Suaq to have been a Tulpa of the Claw; in the Marches some speak of Black Shucks, black dogs that sometimes walk as humans that work under the auspices of the Claw unleashed by rituals.

And here’s some from the Chalice:

Tulpas of the Chalice

Tulpas of the Chalice always appear in pairs – male and female, dressed in black and white, or sometimes manifesting as merrow and naga. They usually bear cups goblets or some other representation of the chalice itself. Even more enigmatic than the usual run of tulpas, such creatures seldom speak or directly interact with people; they have been known to lead help to those injured and alone or to appear as a warning before an event causing great injury. There is a tale in Dawn of a questing knight who three times refused to follow Chalice-bearers to the injured; when they appeared to him a fourth time they left him with the worst injury of his life to date reopened as if it had occurred that very day.

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To add to the above, they’re not common. They tend to only turn up if something big/powerful is being done, they’re not something that a regular astronomancer is likely to run into very often.


Thanks guys, I appreciate the help


Related to Tulpas, and more common, are the Tulpa-touched. These are mortals who for Reasons have become psychologically aligned to a constellation, and that alignment is now locked in to their soul.
Despite what the name says this often does not actually involve any tulpa, manifestation or touching. Sometimes opening a friendly enough mind to the stars is taken as an invite.
As a Marcher Landskeeper I’ve only met about 3 tulpa-touched and 1 tulpa.

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