Turning into A Cambion

Hey fellow LARPers, to put the title into context, My character for the next Event will gain a Cambion lineage.
I have checked with the Profound Desisions team and due to me being under 14 (the age of the test of arms) i am allowed to develop lineage
My IC reason for the change is my Coven is the most powerful in Higuard and on a regular basis, we perform Brotherhood of Tian (3-4 times an event) and weilding such powerful Magic I feel would affect someone still capable of developing lineage

So I am calling on my fellow Cambions for tips of any kind as I want to be a believable Cambion

May we all survive the Long Dark and the Corona Virus :grinning:

For Highguard, For Virtue, For The Empire


Not a cambion myself, but probably the number one mantra for all lineage physreppin is: Start Small, Keep It Manageable. Once you have a lineage, you don’t need a special reason to increase your trappings over time (although it’s often fun to have one). You are not meant to decrease your trappings over time (although OC concerns come first). So, although it’s tempting to rush ahead to your Final Form, it’s a lot more sensible to roll out one or two trappings at a time and increase intensity gradually until you’re at a point where you don’t want to increase it any more. I personally think this’ll make for an especially cool effect as you’re playing a character manifesting lineage for the first time.

If you do want to go absolutely mental with huge horns at your first event though, you do have a very convenient reason as a Highborn to cut them right off if they start bugging you.

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Hi I have sorted out my Horns so I have one already but do you have any rp advice or general information? :+1:

Thanks for the advice