Twilight Masquerade

Bob is lineage A
They want to explore lineage B.
They have ritual The Twilight masquerade cast on them at event 1 to remove lineage A.
They then have it cast upon them a second time at same event* to make lineage B?
*This spell is an enchantment. A target may only be under one enchantment effect at a time.

Is it a ‘stackable’ enchantment therefore?

So Bob can now be lineage B for event 1?

Also, can the second enchantment, if allowed, then be made permanent with ilium?

If so, what of lineage A is kept? [boon? personality? anything??
What of lineage B is kept permanent?

Thank you all.
Paul who is definitely not Bob in this situation and not planning to do anything at the next event, nope, not me…

Bob can just have TM cast on them to change them from lineage A to lineage B.

In your example, the second casting replaces the first, and they appear to be lineage B until the duration of the second enchantment expires or is replaced, etc.

Permanent castings of TM would be odd - barring specific plot intervention, they would likely still get a version of the normal roleplaying effects - i.e. a reduction of the effects of the old lineage and some of the effects of the new lineage. They would still keep the boon of the old lineage, because it’s not a permanent change - just a glamour.


Hey Paul! So, just to clarify, if Bob wants to explore lineage B, they can just have the one TM cast to go straight to lineage B - they don’t need to have lineage A stripped off first, unless they’re trying to permanently change lineage (which it sounds like is what you’re interested in!).

The TM page says that although you get light roleplaying effects from your “new” lineage, you don’t get the boon from it, implying that it’s more of a glamour than an actual change of lineage.

Although the TM page doesn’t say that you can’t use ilium to make it permanent, the lineage Wiki page states:
"It is exceptionally difficult to change lineage - even more difficult than becoming lineaged if one is human. No known magic will reliably change lineage - in the rare occasions where it has been achieved it first requires the person to lose their lineage, becoming fully human, before gaining a new lineage via the normal (arduous) process.

Becoming lineaged, or removing lineage, are both significant goals your character can accomplish in play, but they are likely to take time and effort to achieve, and success is by no means guaranteed."

Which to me implies that it isn’t as simple ilium-ing a TM, especially as it says success isn’t guaranteed. I would recommend dropping an email to as they’ll be able to officially confirm this either way, and possibly get the TM page updated to make it clear in future!


Permanently enchanting yourself with Twilight Masquerade to change your apparent lineage should be entirely possible under the rules, using 24 rings of ilium. This would be mechanically different to actually changing your lineage in a number of ways:

  1. Your character would be under a permanent enchantment, which is detectable with divinations and prevents any other enchantments from being placed on the character.
  2. If the enchantment is removed, your character would immediately revert to the appearance of their true lineage.
  3. Your character sheet would continue to list your true lineage, and you would continue to have the boon of that lineage and not your masqueraded one.

Thank you everyone - I think this is answered now )

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