Two new players looking for help

Me and my mate have been saving money and moving work shifts around to finally go to an empire event and just wondered if anyone could just give us a hand with finding a place in Wintermark? sorry to be bother but id rather ask for help than go in blind

Welcome to the forums and the game!

Well done on getting the cash together, it’s not easy. Have you booked yet? There are discount codes that most established players can give out for a mutual discount, on top of any other savings.

I think there’ll be quite a lot of new players in Wintermark this year, and it’s a big friendly nation so you probably would be fine just turning up! That said, there will likely be several groups looking to recruit you two, and Wintermark players turning up here soon.

Oh, and the nations all have their own facebook groups, which might also be able to give you further advice. Pop up on there saying “recruit me!” and I suspect you’ll get many offers!

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havent booked yet but looking at if we can make the april event for sure. If we can we’ll be faily obvious newbis

The only thing we’re not sure on is about the banners and all of those things and what to put down for them

Welcome to Empire!

Can I ask if there’s a specific reason you’ve chosen Wintermark? There are lots of great nations to choose from; Wintermark is currently the largest by a big margin so getting new players to choose one of the other nations is always a good thing. If your heart’s set on the Mark that’s no bad thing of course!

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If you’re referring to the banner/coven/sect options, you don’t have to pick any at all when creating your character - you can bond to one in play.

In fact, if you’re not already a member of any of the relevant groups, it could be considered a little gauche to join them on the system without asking!

If you’re planning on creating your own group, then you can create your own banner/coven/sect on the website and then select that during character creation.

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it suits our current outfits and ive heard its very friendly

lovely stuff cheers

Both good reasons. I will add that I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the nations not being friendly though :smiley:


I play in Dawn. We have no regrets, no fear,and no shame.

Okay, I made that up.

But if you are booking for your first event, and are a little short of cash, please accept this promotional discount code:


That’ll get you £15 off your (plural) tickets. I’m giving it out as I get the same bonus (recruiters fee… )

Re the other bits:
Banners are military groups (usually members of a single group), Sects are religeous groups (often dedicated to the same Virtue) and Covens are magical groups (usually assembled for performing large rituals).

IF you find a group you want to be a part of, IF you’ve discussed it with them, THEN it might be a good idea to start as a member of their specific Banner/Sect/Coven. This allows for jumping swiftly into a group activity (E.G, “Ah, young Klaus, good to see you made it to Anvil this time. We need your assistance with this ritual in an hour, read this scroll please…”). Otherwise, it can be good fun to work through joining these groups in play.

As @Geoffrey_Willoughby you should never join a banner/coven/sect without asking the appropriate people before you do so!

Banners aren’t such a big deal in WM currently that i’ve seen, there are a few bigger halls that fight together for sure (Dunhearth, Children of winter) but there are lots of people who take part in the battle who fight with the heart of the mark or the bloodhands etc without actually joining a specific banner with their hallmates or friends.

If you want my advice then turn up on the Thursday, have some drinks talk to as many people as you can and see who you want to go back and talk to and then maybe see about joining them if their group fits what you want to do.

If all else fails come find me at E1 at Byrchenhal (Green banner, gold tree with runes) and I’ll find you a drink which will temporarily solve all your problems!