Understanding a point of ritual theory

I am trying to understand the wording of the Armies and Battles part of Ritual Theory.
Does it mean that Arcane Projections intended to curse a territory to reduce the strength of armies in that territory would fail?
i.e. Would an AP along the lines of “Armies in this territory count as 20% less effective” work?

I think that AP is theoretically possible in terms of how magic works in setting, but I don’t think it would have any mechanical use. All armies in the territory would be effected equally, so they would remain in proportion to each other in terms of effectiveness. Unless I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, I think army strength only matters compared to the strength of other armies. I could be wrong, if there’s some use for armies surpassing or being reduced below certain thresholds.
If the curse lingered after armies left the territory that would be different, but I also don’t know if that’s possible either.

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That is a good point!

What it would do is reduce the Margin of victory, thus slowing the speed at which territory was captured. It may possibly also reduce casualties (or may not. Some army rituals affect casualties, some don’t.)

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I suspect that is what PD are saying wouldn’t work, probably because it’s too much of a no brainer, both of the Rivers are always of some benefit to the opponent as well (You can stack the benefit). VP’s on the other hand are good if you are winning and bad if you are loosing.

So lets take an example say I have 3 Highguard armies at 3000, versus 8 Druj armies at 4000 each
Thats 9000 V 32,000 or 9 versus 32 VPs - Net of 23 (So two territories taken or a beachhead)
-30% VPs gives
6.3 VPs Vs 22.4 VPs Net of 16 (So 1 territory and a bit, or most of a beachhead)

The more outclassed you are the better they become, which is why I suspect they wouldn’t work.

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My reading appears to differ from everyone else’s: I read the can’t enchant a territory to effect a campaign as being you can’t do an AP to say “help the Imperials win in this territory”.

I see no reason why you couldn’t do the ritual that was suggested. From the wiki page: “You can create magic that influences the fighting - you might fill an area with storms for a season - but that does not affect the outcome of the campaign, i.e. it does not affect the victory points assigned to either side.” seems to support this


I agree with you @Lavaeolous. However, I think a ritual that makes everything harder for both sides isn’t quite what I was planning, so back to the drawing board!

I’m not entirely sure what it refers to either. As others have said, I know that you cannot curse just or enchant a territory to affect one side over the other (you need to enchant/curse armies individually), but I’m not 100% sure that’s what the last bit refers to.