Unpopular opinion maybe but

how do we go about improving our turn out for our monstering slot?

At last event out initial turn out was very poor (12 people) for our slot, not only will it affect how much plot we get but it’s also very selfish. I know a bunch turned up after being badgered but I still don’t think this was a great turn out considering how big we are.

I fed back to PD at the event that it would be good for the Egregore’s to poke players about 20 minutes before hand to give people time to de-kit etc.

Any other ideas?

A noticeboard has been suggested for various bits of organisation before, which might be helpful here too?

From experience on other sides of the field, notice boards rarely work. Reminding people tends to work better in my experience. 20 minute collaring would work last minute but if you do a big meet of everyone I suggest reminding everyone at that time as well.

You’re not the only nation that needs to raise it’s game here, HG need to improve too.

Multiple reminders, pre-event email by PD in addition to FB/Forum posts, a notice board and someone who goes round and tells each group in the nation would all be helpful. Egregores can support but someone probably needs to volunteer to make it their job to make sure the news is spread as widely as possible.

I know a number of us were completely unaware of a plot slot. It later emerged it had been signposted at GOD and in the tavern but none of our lot had seen it. Couple of rounds from the Egregores would be much appreciated.

From the Dawnish facebook discussion on the same topic:

Part if it was it’s a new thing and many people weren’t aware to look, it will likely improve next time (or at least remove that excuse.)
On that note it’s a thing now, it will probably be on the wiki and in God next time. Yes having someone spend their event reminding you might be helpful. On the other hand don’t pass your responsibility onto someone else, if you think it’s a worthwhile thing, check the wiki, or keep an eye out when you go to GOD.

Making sure your group know, it’s a really effective way of getting more monster. A few of the Dawnish houses made a big deal internally about the monster slot, and that was most of the people who turned up to monster.

Actually pushing something in the same time period as an IC agenda that’s more evocative than strawberry picking has been suggested, we have plans to go on a Kraken hunt next time.

Anything in the field that lets us know/reminds us that this is a thing more than 10 minutes beforehand (group member coming back having just found out and rounding those of us who could up was how I ended up going) would be good.

A thing that’d really have helped me would be monster skirmish schedules up in the toilets (obviously new site and the condition might make this an understandable low priority at events like last one!) - not everyone goes to the Tavern, and GOD is usually full of people and doing other things, and failing to see ones egregore for the weekend is my usual MO, and 20 mins before is going to miss a lot of people who aren’t in the Nation camp or anyone who has gone for food/OC or something (but would still be really helpful for those around o’course!)