Unstoppable / Second Wind - Rule Changes

I’m cautiously optimistic about the rule change, and understand the reasoning behind it.

It leaves me to wonder about the application though in terms of how the new variant works on the field.

It takes 5 seconds to “activate”, and activation must occur at the point of going to zero hits, then I get 3 hits back.

Will opponents be asked to respect the 5 seconds as a “grace period” to ignore me as a target, so not to keep reigning blows so that as soon as I get 3 hits back I lose them almost immediately, with the possibility that I’ll then activate the ability again, and the cycle repeats until I’m out of hero points? Whilst it says I can’t attack whilst using the skill, can I parry, to try to prevent the above situation arising?

This is still unclear, and will be clarified as part of the updates which are still coming.

My speculation (and this is strictly with my ref hat off):

When you drop to 0 hits, you may trigger unstoppable. You must spend 5s doing appropriate role play. For the duration of this 5s, you are on 0 hits, so it doesn’t matter if someone hits you.

At the conclusion of the 5s, you lose your hero point and gain 3 hits. You are no longer on 0 hits, can act as normal (e.g. run away), but damage dealt to you will reduce your hits as usual.

PD has often wondered why some players give others grace periods for the Appropriate Roleplay.

I foresee this being an opportunity for your teammates to save you.

Myself, being in a shield wall am counting on the rest of them to aid me and. Block any incoming attacks. So I am not interrupted.

Interrupting this skill however could be interesting…

Due to not usually losing the Hero Point if you don’t finish the Roleplay. So you stay in one position and keep trying to raise until the enemy get board of interrupting your skill.

That will be amazing for players going to save people. Suddenly skirmishers got more important.

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Has anyone had this clarified? I’m not entirely certain at this stage whether getting hit whilst RP’ing the skill use counts as an interrupt and therefore negates the use of the skill? Or if you are able to carry on with the RP whilst being beaten on, can you continue the skill use?

This has vastly different implications for the two skill use cases as well, what happens if the skill is interrupted whilst getting up from 0, does the skill fizzle and you are down for good? Or can I press on through the RP and take the hit off the HP I’m about to gain? Or do you drop and ‘restart’ your 5s skill timer?

Please email empire.rules@profounddecisions.co.uk with questions that need clarification.

My understanding of the rules that are written is posted above.

Note also that the only additional limitation (beyond the usual things - need a hero point, not under Weakness, etc) is “you cannot attack another character while using this skill”, so being hit does not seem to be an interrupt.

I did several weeks ago and hadn’t had a reply yet, so I was trying a different approach. Will wait a bit further!

Generally, if you haven’t had a reply in a couple of weeks, your email has probably slipped down the back of the sofa, and it’s worth trying again.

For reference, this question and a couple of others are now answered:


Hits are restored at the end of your 5s of role play. At that point you can then run away, etc. Damage you take during that role play is irrelevant, since you are already on 0 hits.

Unless, of course, it delivers a call of Weakness or Paralyse, both of which interrupt the use of the skill.


Also, note well that damage won’t cost you hits (because negative hits are meaningless in this game), but if someone ruins a limb with CLEAVE it’s going to stay ruined. At least until you Relentless the effect off, because hero points are great.

What do people consider “appropriate roleplay” while you raise? Screams of “you’ll have to do better than that”, thrashing around…?

For me something like thst yes, or staggering to your feet with visible effort and a bit of shouting maybe