Unusual Weapon

Can anyone see an immediate problem with the use of a D&D orcish double axe (see below if unfamiliar with the concept), measuring at 84", as a polearm, using the mandated 18" grip separation?

An orcish double axe is essentially a quarterstaff with a double-bladed axe head at each end, and is used to attack unpredictably and aggressively. It’s not a terribly practical weapon, but is is (at least imho) very cool. See link below for images.

google.co.uk/search?q=orcis … wOrLpyM%3A

Will you be playing an orc?

Does it fit with the imperial orc brief?

If the answer to both is yes; then so long as you get it through weapon check I suppose it would be allowed.

Remember that you can only score one hit per second irrespective of how many physical hits you land, and I don’t know how much use it would be in a line fight in dense woodlands, but one on one in the pit could be fun!


So at 84" long the weapon is a polearm. You require Weapon Master to wield it and it is a valid tool for the CLEAVING STRIKE and MIGHTY STRIKEDOWN hero skills. It must pass weapons check, but they will be checking it for safety as per the above link rather than for appropriateness for your culture, which is fundamentally your problem. You must keep the mandated separation of your hands, mostly because we’ve all seen people swinging a six-foot-six polearm wildly with a teensy grip on the far end and no conception of how to pull that blow they’re striking or where the weapon’s going next.

Given that fighting with both ends of a staff is appropriate, I see no inherent reason why this weapon would not be passed.

As for which nations it would be appropriate for: I can see it being used by the Orcs, the Winterborn, perhaps Varushka - it emphasises a savage, aggressive, almost barbaric style. You’re going to hurt nobody if you’re conservative with it. As always please be careful to fight safely when roleplaying an aggressive fighting style.

On a personal note - I wouldn’t use the weapon myself, but mostly because of a personal hate-on for dual wielding rather than any rules or setting issues. In terms of coolthenticity it’s right up there, although calling it a traditional orcish weapon would probably be pushing it because we don’t exactly see dozens of other orcs waving them.

For questions of national appropriateness may I recommend you speak to your egregore.

You might be repeatedly hitting your own side with one end, banging into things in the woodland Orc camp, and so on.
This is an IC problem, not a rules problem, and if you think you can deal with it IC that’s fine.

Thank you all for your very helpful responses.

I’m not actually intending to roll up as an orc, but it’s a weapon I’ve always wanted to use in a LARP, and so might have one made up for a short-lived palate-cleansing character between more serious arch politicos, which seems to be my type presently.

Any thoughts on whether I would be permitted to monster with it?

I did see someone with an axe/scythe version of this at the last event so should be okay.