Update from Matt 03/04/20

Hi Folks,

We don’t have much news this week, it’s mostly hurry up and wait, but I’m trying to keep to a regularly schedule of updates so I’ll let you know what is happening.

We’re still working on the update for the wiki, but we’ve set ourselves a deadline to try and deliver it for the end of next week. The first draft is complete and it’s now being reviewed and edited by Andy Raff. Our plan is to roll it out along with an accompanying podcast. We’re famously rubbish with deadlines, but hope springs eternal, just like Irra Harah. Our plan is to have it out for review Monday, if we hit that milestone then we’re well on track.

We still have two more Winds of War to come (two did he say? that can’t be right…). They’re paused at the moment while myself and Andy keep working on the forthcoming update for the wiki. Once that goes out for review then Andy will be back on Winds of War. If everyone goes well you can look forward to that coming out early next week.

I want to repeat what I said last week and thank everyone for their continued support - it has made a huge difference for us. We’ve taken the difficult decision to furlough three members of Profound Decisions, Alison, Graeme and Cordelia, with just myself and Andy still reporting in for work each day. That means you’re likely to get a response from me now if you’re emailing in for admin or other things (all emails are internally redirected, so please continue to use the correct email address if possible). If it takes a little longer to reply, please do bear with us.

A few people have asked me what they can do to help at the moment, and I’ve said the same thing to everyone - just keep spirits up and enthusiasm for live roleplaying high. It’s not Empire-related, but some friends have announced a contest for young live-roleplayers to design a monster that Andy Rimmer has promised to build (Redirecting...). I expect things will be tough for live roleplaying for a while, and it’s great to see the hobby responding like this.

I’ve seen a couple of ambitious ideas suggested on the Empire facebook groups including one person asking if it was possible to do an online Navarr Song and Story session over the event weekend. It sounds pretty challenging - but it’s exactly this sort of thing we’re keen to support as best we can. We’re looking at trying to do some kind of live “Ask Me Anything” sessions - ideally when the next wiki update goes live - but it’s not something we have any experience with so we’re looking into the technology for that.


Matt Pennington,
Profound Decisions.