Urizen Costume Help

Hi! I’m a new player and I’m trying to come up with costume bits for Urizen and Varushka. Varushka I’m mostly fine with, but some stuff is missing from the Urizen wiki page. I’m mainly after ideas on jewellery and things like trim/embellishments, but any hints or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Urizen jewellery is here: (Just did a search for those 2 words, the wiki search is surprisingly good)

Viz trim for Urizen there is a small comment on the clothing section:

Garments may include high collars, or have material gathered around the neck. Most outfits are made in two, or three at most, complementary colours and are often embellished with intricate looping embroidery.

So you’re more looking at long lines of embroidery than trim, but you can give the impression of another layer of clothing by clever use of trim at neckline, cuffs or hem which would be very urizen.

Thanks! I was looking in the costume section, but obviously not hard enough…

It’s easy to get wiki overload and not remember what you’ve already read! But the search really does work if you’re stuck.