Urizen costume

Hi I am buying kit for urizen and I was wondering if a long tunic, cloak and armoured headband are enough. Also I believe that urizen use swords of a similar style to Lotr high elves


You might want some trousers and boots as well :slight_smile:

Sounds pretty good. Have you joined the Urizen Facebook group? They can give some more specific advice, and you can stick up photos there for reccomendations and comments.

As for weapons, anything described as graceful/beautiful/lethal is likely appropriate. You’ve seen the Urizen look and feel page on the wiki, yeah?

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Urizen works well with layers, so if you can a long shirt, and a couple of long robes or long tunics over it, if possible showing the under layers, say with different neck lines or sleeves works really well. It’s also good for managing the Anvil weather variations!

Lots of thinner layers works better for Urizen than heavy wool, and can be just as warm, thinking about the likely weather for E1, and then hopefully you can take off a couple for the rest of the year.


Sounds good - a number of thin layers are key (join the fb group if you haven’t already as there is a similar post recently calling for pictures of kit for an example)

Although, don’t feel the need to get all the layers at once. Costumes are very much work in progress, particularly in urizen - add a layer or two between events - after a few events you are there! (It took me 4 events to complete the outfit after sewing the base layers for e1 - even then I suspect I’ll add more next year!


Thanks I will probably go with what I have got, although it looks like it has layers, also l will probably have black combat trousers and walking boots. Also I don’t have Facebook

Here’s my character (the Sentinel on the left of the pic) and an Urizen night mage as some kit pics if you don’t have Facebook (pic by Beth Dooner). What type of character are you playing?


Ranger with a sword only

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Ah, good choice - I am the exact same sole sword/ranger type! Based in Willstone, Redoubt (hence my costume is a lot of greens - i.e. channelling the lothlorien vibe!)

No issue with the fb thing - Brad has already sent his excellent stuff, I am sure you have seen the wiki which have a number of other examples. For further examples Oliver Facey, Tom Garnett and Beth Dooner are the main photographers who also have websites (though I am not sure how much of their Empire collections are online).

Yeah i will probably be getting a long tunic and a cloak in beige and dark blue respectively

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Also the elven headband from larp warriors is awesome and fits well with the theme of urizen

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Also the tunic has no sleeves so would a long sleeve walking shirt be fine. It’s the same material as light combat trousers and only has a couple of buttons on it

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That all sounds like a great basis for a more ‘wilderness’ type Urizen character! When you say fighting with a single sword, have you already got that weapon or specifically budgeted for it? If you’re fighting unarmoured, a spear or a two-handed weapon could be a good choice as well, as this would enable you to pair up with a more heavily armoured or shield-using fighter, they can protect you whilst you dish out some damage!

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I have budgeted for it and found an appropriate sword, also I have experience with a sword of roughly that size and am highly competent with them

I may take a shield, but I have no practice with it, or with any two handed weapons, although I will keep the spear Idea in mind

When you say ‘highly competent’, is that from fighting in other LARP systems? My character uses a big tower shield as I tend to fight in the first rank, but that costs XP, don’t forget you can use a buckler without any XP cost (and they tend to be cheaper in terms of money as well). Anything that increases your survivability (armour, shields or bucklers, reach from longer weapons) is usually Big & Clever :blush:


By highly competent I mean I have had a sword of some kind since I was 3 and can outfight anyone I have gone up against. Also a one handed sword is helpful for my back up plan of legging it. The people I know do agree with me. Also my fighting style relies on me being fast and menouverable

Actually a small buckler may be a good idea but I will see once I have been to an event

OK cool- you might find large scale LARP battles against multiple opponents when you need to work as part of a unit a very different challenge to previous experience.

Yeah, but I won’t do that until after I have been to an event. That is I can go with a friend who is a magician but is younger than me so can’t take the test of arms untill summer

Great stuff! Well if you have any questions or need anything to help out Urizen combat-wise, please feel free to fire me a PM, otherwise I look forward to meeting you at an event next year :grinning: