Urizen costume


Yep, thanks for the encouragement


It might be useful to note that the Urizen palette tends towards lighter colours.


I’d highly recommend you attend the new player skirmish when you go to an event. Larp combat is different to play-fighting, martial arts and most other forms of armed combat; you need to know how to fight safely.


I was planning on that anyway but thanks


Wooo More Urizen

A Cloak can always work well, a ord of advice is try not to get it too long or it will get covered in mud in bad weather. But that works well, also having a dark contrasting colour works well, (such as the dark blue you’ve gone for), espically if you have plenty of other beige or lighter pastel shades.
The Larp Warriors headband is great I’ve used it before as part of base kit, and can certainly work for Urizen as Mages in the right envirometn, although it can also be used for many other nations.
A Sleeveless Tunic, feels slightly more Highguard/Dawn, (although depends on what it looks like, the beige will help offset it) although if you used a scarf or something similar to wrap around it as a belt it would become very urizen, and certainly fit.
Overall it certainly sounds like a good start base kit for an Urizen, espically if you added a cotton or silk scarf as a belt to split it up.
If you wanted more dieas, besides the iki, then check out https://gallery.oliverfacey.co.uk/empire
This shows all the nations, but if you find people with similar kit, or you can identify the Urizen it can help you find the key features.


Hi thanks for the tip on cloaks, the one I am getting has a hem and so can be adjusted. Also the tunic is the larp warriors Altair vest in beige and green


allow me to introduce you to a concept: “Anvil Cut”

When the mud lies think on the paths of Anvil, that lovely floor sweeping cloak will triple in wieght and splatter mud on you, your tent, your trousers, etc. So will that robe you’re wearing at ankle length.

“Anvil Cut” is a sweepy something that only comes to mid-shin. So if you’re sinking in the mud up to your ankles, it stays clear. Generally worn with an extra pair of socks under the footwear as well.

And woe, for your footwear is exposed and may not be entirely IC!!! But rejoice, for in these circumstance, your footwear will be affected by “The Great Muddening” and turn into two balls of mud. Just like everyone elses.

In this season: Brown!