Urizen spells for non Urizen?

OC question - can non Urizen citizens learn Urizen spells or are they linked to territories etc?
eg someone from non Urizen nation goes to a Urizen down on their luck, offers a huge wodge of coin and says, teach me ‘x’ - can they be taught? Is this doable?
Can the knowledge be coerced by magic / (can’t recall ritual right now but some allow transferring of skills /spells etc)
I only ask this as, whilst I’m totally cool with Urizen getting positive things, if I were to find a large wodge of cash…

(I am asking about the mechanics of it - not the IC how to do it - don’t want to meta game -just ensure that, before *someone * starts raising funds etc… :wink: ) - thanks!

I believe, so far (please anyone correct me if I’m wrong) that Urizen Lore is just Urizeni right now, as it’s partially linked to some IC stuff.

However, I could be dramatically wrong, as it’s not my current focus in game as an Urizeni player


I don’t think so. You’d need to email PD for a definitive answer though.


PCs cannot teach each other rituals, you can only learn a ritual from a Ritual Text, from Imperial Lore, or from Urizeni Lore if you are an Urizeni. Other wierd ways may exist, related to plot or Eternals, but I can’t be sure of that.

The Imperial Conclave can order any ritual in Imperial Lore to be copied out for a cost of 10 Thrones.

It is not possible for the Imperial Conclave to use a declaration of dissemination of Imperial lore to affect a ritual that is part of Urizen lore, nor is it possible to either remove a ritual from Urizen lore, nor to recover the ritual text once it has been added to the body of knowledge.

Your other option would be to create an Arcane Projection of a ritual in Urizen lore, then aim your bribe at whoever controls a College of Magic. That will produce a Ritual Text that is hopefully identical to the Urizeni ritual, which could be added to Imperial Lore for everyone, or distributed round whoever the owner of the text wishes. This would not work for all rituals, as any one in Urizen lore that required the cooperation of an Eternal would need the Eternal to make a deal allowing this.


No, they cannot. The only factor that allows a character to cast or master rituals in Urizen lore is if that character is an Urizen citizen. If a character is Urizen but leaves the nation, they immediately lose access to Urizen lore, even rituals they have mastered.

While some knowledge (such as spells) can be shared via a ritual, one of the hard limits of ritual magic is that it cannot be used to share ritual knowledge.


You need the ritual text as mentioned, bear in mind though, a bunch of those potential Urizeni lore ritual texts will be on the field and entirely robbable if you are that keen to have them.

Consequences may follow ofc :smiley:

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