USA new comer

So after doing a whole heck of a lot of YouTube watching and reading I decided I have to try Empire Larp. Only problem I live in the U.S. the problem isn’t the price of the flights but my work doesn’t allow me to get away much. Well after looking for days for perfect flights, I found some that would allow me to only miss a day of work for each event. Mostly late flights were I will do most of my sleeping. I hope an American accent won’t bother anyone.

So for my first event. I would fly into London and rent a car and probably just use the rental car as my tent as well. Since flying with a tent would take up a lot of room. Maybe if I make some friends my second event I could find someone willing to share a IC tent. And possibly later down the road leave some bigger pieces of gear with someone that’s local.

Questions I can’t get any of my friends to come because of the cost. I will 100% be Wintermark. Any Steiner houses that would let me join in with them so I’m not completely alone. I can chip in money for food or anything else that might be needed, and probably grab someone if they need a ride from the London area.

I have a rough idea of my characters back store still need to finish that, and really perfect it.

I’m hopeful that I can make 3 of the events in 2020, and maybe if I’m lucky all four.

Super excited to start the process! Look forward to meeting so many of your characters and really getting into the rp of empire.


Whoah, that’s a long way to come! Welcome to Empire!
If you haven’t already, I’d advise joining a few Facebook groups - a lot of good info for new players is posted on them.

Two big ones for you would be

  • Empire Player Support & New Player Help - great place for new players to ask questions, also posts things like timetables for new player meetings and the like closer to events
  • Empire LRP Wintermark - the various national facebook pages are all extremely welcoming to new players, and a great way to make some OOC contacts before hitting the field

There’s also the official Empire LRP page, where in and out-of-game news and information is posted, and Empire LRP Photo Forum for building hype / gawking at people’s amazing kit.


Awesome, welcome aboard :slight_smile:.

Best place to offer lifts to people closer to the time is here - Empire LRP: Travel Arrangements

If you want some feedback on your character start up a new thread here in the New Players section or if you’ve got any other questions.

Sleeping in the back of a car is entirely doable, if you can get an estate car it’ll be ideal. I’d get a self inflating thermarest camping mat as you’ll be able to bring that with you and they can be rolled up very compactly. Also I find standard inflatable matresses last me about a year at most, the thermarest one I have has lasted me a lot longer.


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I’ve slept in the passenger seat of my car a few times: it lays fairly flat and I’m not especially tall. I would say that car camping is a bit iffy when the weather is bad, because you’ll find it difficult to manage muddy boots, muddy trousers, wet top, etc in the confined space without getting everything muddy. But otherwise it’s great and saves a ton of time putting up a tent!

I’ve done more car camping than I care to admit lol. I’m lucky that I have plenty of larger weather/water proof bags and luggage from some of my other outdoor lifestyle. So slip the gear off put it in the waterproof bags then cleanly put into trunk.

Ideally this would be a temporary way. After a few games hopefully I would have a house that wouldn’t mind me camping IC with them (obviously paying my fair share, and helping with take down and clean up). Just flying over with full camping gear would take up too much valuable bag room.

I wasn’t granted access to the Wintermark page. I’m guessing they saw where I’m from and I might not be serious. I sent another request!

It won’t, there’re quite a few of us who play Empire :slight_smile:

Did you get your wintermark fb request okayed in the end?

Just remember, in the UK herbs are pronounce with a defined H. I learned that one the hard way being an " 'erb " seller for my first event :joy: