Use of Liao

If I have this right, Liao needs to be physically represented by the players using them. I was just wondering where Liao phys-reps can be acquired, and how they are best used and “consumed” when performing priestly ceremonies. Thanks for all the help.

I use parma violets, giant ones for preference, and parma violet gin. The sweets I take out of the packets and keep in a cloth pouch. The gin I use a small silver bowl which I offer around the group (warning them what is in it first, of course).

I’ve also heard of people using Ribena, Vimto and the purple Nerds sweets.

Sugar stained purple is also viable.

The wiki just calls for a small vial - ideally you fill this with something purple (liquid or powder or capsule).

To use Liao, you can:

  • Consume it (eat sweets/sugar, drink liquid)
  • Daub it on the target (or yourself)
  • “Burn” it or otherwise inhale vapours

In one dramatic scene, I believe large quantities of purple liquid (ribena or vimto?) were sloshed liberally all over the floor.

PD were selling the old liao physreps in God last game as well. I picked up five of them for a quid.


We’ve been selling them ever since the exchange to cards expired, and will be doing so until we run out (some time around 2260) or get sick of it.


Yup, got a bagful of the old vials for my last priest :slight_smile:

Red berry fruit teabags are another good cheap option. Gives you a nice “herbal powder” look, is food safe. I use a metal-lidded plastic vial full of that.

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So i have two phys reps for Liao, on field and in battle.

My main on field phys rep is flavoured water containing Purple Lustre Dust which means that it shines and sparkles when I shake the bottle.

Because the bottle is a) heavy and more importantly B) Glass I am reticent to take it to the battlefield where i might fall on it so i keep one of the old purple bottles, not that it comes up very often because I am health wise not going to battle frequently these days.

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Blackcurrent fruit pastels…

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