Useful mage spells *off* the battlefield?


I’m a ritual mage who has no plans to ever go to a battle, and I have 2xp to spend on spells! Does anyone have any advice on which of the Regular spells are useful in (mostly non-combat) Anvil?

For example, is anyone usually released from the Hospital or post-battle who hasn’t already had limbs restored, venom/weakness purified? Is Mend super useful (I’m also an Artisan, but Artisan’s Oil costs money)? Is Voice for the Dead ever used outside of the battlefield?

I’m planning on taking Paralyze but was wondering about one more of:

Heal, Mend, Purify, Restore limb, Voice for the dead

and was interested in people’s experiences.

Many thanks,

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Honestly, I would save them. If you are not going to use it much probably not worth it. Maybe consider saving them for physik?

It’s more that I have 4 personal mana a day that I’m not spending.

Physick (or more probably Apothecary) does appeal, but I currently don’t have the herbs or money and it’s 3-4xp away.

I’d like one offensive personal spell in case something unexpected happens, but I’m playing a character who helps others professionally, so having a “heal/mend” regular spell seems like a good fit too. The Physick skills are definitely the other ones I’m considering, though.

I know someone who’s a Winter Mage who has voice of the dead for investigatory reasons, but unless you’re involved with the militia you probably won’t get to use it on Anvil that often as they’ll be a scrum of people trying to get to use their spells on a dead body :smiley:.

Paralyze is tasty and pretty much has you covered defence wise. Don’t forget that you might be tempted to go out on a quest at some point, so stuff like Heal or Purify could be useful there. Likewise Voice of the Dead could be situationally useful if you have to work out who killed a bunch of people on a quest. Also this stuff can be useful if you decide to go to a relaxing social player event :slight_smile: .

Oh hey as an artisan, remember you can knock out a bunch of rods, wands and staves that give you extra spells as known and with materials a few uses of spells per day. Save up and you might be able to pick up something like a Staff of Life at some point perhaps. So you might even want to look at extra Artisan recipes rather than spells at this point?

Yep, definitely looking at the Artisan bit. I quite want one regular spell which doesn’t require an implement, just so it can never be taken away. But I might yet take Paralyze and something else and just get a Heal wand instead of spending the xp :slight_smile:

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Paralyze or repel are probably your best bets then.

I mean personally you probably have the three most useful off the battlefield spells, okay it requires proactivity and grabbing excuses to cast magic but I’ve ran out of personal mana just on the base three spells. Try remembering all the new Detect Magic uses, each of those cost 1 personal mana and many player might not know enough to exploit the changes.

Heal - Personally I find this fairly useful but away from Dawn, I doubt this is that useful. Basically think on how often you watch fights if the answer is infrequently this isn’t a great skill.
Mend - I’ve seen a lot less of this since the rules change
Purify - It occasionally comes up but as a ritualist with one healing spell chances are the oppertunities go to the Physik mages with purify who spend more of their game being healers.
Restore limb - Like purify except any physik can do it for free if they take a bit more time.
Voice for the dead - Honestly unless you are playing that exact game, or make alot of player events this skill just isn’t that useful.


As McGonigle points out, it depends where you are.

Dawn racks up quite a few injuries on the filed (our robust political process boiling down to last man standing), there’s also the football, and the chances of some nasty injuries from a ritual going wrong :slight_smile:

Ritual injuries generally require something more than a physick to heal, of course.

When I faced the same question with my old PC, I chose Repel for self-defence. Never came up though. The one time someone tried to murder me I was unarmed.

Hero points are another good all-purpose buy - I bought them for pretty much RP reasons only, letting me roleplay the iron will and mind-affecting magic resistance that I felt that my master magician would have.

I may still go for HP.
Bonus of his being an Artisan: wearing a Circlet of Falling Snow at absolutely all times :slight_smile:

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Weakness hasn’t been covered here, but it is an excellent dick move for making people late to conclave or trying to stop a shady-looking ritual at the regio.

In terms of defence, I’d rate Repel over Paralyse as you only need to hit their weapon or shield, not them. It removes the threat from the area while you leg it away or summon mates.

In terms of utility, having a way to stop someone dying right now is never a bad plan. Since Swift Heal and Heal merged it has got rather nice. You could happily sit in an aura topping people’s health back up after a quest.


I forgot about weakness. Also Heavy armour ignores paralyze.

Heavy armour no longer stops paralysis. If you don’t parry it with a weapon or block it with a shield, you’re paralysed no matter what armour you are wearing.

I don’t think heavy armour does block any more, I think it did but I think that got changed when the last round of changes to the spells happened.

Don’t bother with healing spells for the hospital. I’ve tried to offer that and just been ushered out of the way. The assume everyone has a traumatic wound and need to see a physick, they are not interested in mages and offering restore limb I just feel like a spam advertiser. However, violence does sometimes happen on the Anvil field (e.g. tourneys, football, occasional crime, unwelcome heralds) so it can actually be useful for that reason instead.

Voice for the Dead is primarily useful off the battlefield, but it doesn’t need a large number of people with it, so you are unlikely to be front of the queue unless maybe you are an active militia member.

I’ve just taken weakness partly because it could be a really good way of stopping naughty rituals at the regio without having to cause someone any lethal harm. On a battlefield you can just kill them, but on Anvil, if they’re a legit citizen, legal ways of stopping them mid-ritual are few and far between. Declaring them sorcerer afterwards is something something stable door horse bolted and retired to Sumaah. However, I expect this to be very situational.

Paralyse is surprisingly useful for winding people up. Also can be used for non-lethal stopping of people running away. Entangle can do that cheaper but is less amusing as a party trick. Repel is probably a good party trick too or for getting rid of annoying people.

Night pouch is probably the most reliably relevant spell off the battlefield, but it’s not that important. Nobody has tried to raid my pockets yet.

Basically, I don’t think there are any spells which are guaranteed useful on Anvil on a regular basis, but all of them are situationally useful.


Healing spells in the hospital is very inefficient unless you’re healing a physician who’s just come off the battlefield, for example. That’s the only time I’ve seen a healing spell used in the hospital, when I came out of the portal propped up by a friend and collapsed on the floor, a healer thought “right we need more physicians” and healed me up quickly. In most other cases you can take your time with the healing, as they’ve rarely got more wounded than healers outside of battles, or you can’t heal it with magic because it’s a traumatic.

If you want to be a magical healer, it’s only really useful on the field or in emergency situations or in situations where people want to stay where they are and/or get fighting again (tourneys).