Useing a hammer in battle


can you use a one handed hammer within the restrictions of the length basic sword?


Yes sure, any one-handed weapon can be between 24" and 42" long :slight_smile:.

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Incoming larp-safe 30" salmon for smacking down barbarians! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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From the Page linked by Mark:

All weapons in Empire must be a phys-rep of an actual weapon - an object commonly used in battle. LRP-safe versions of common household objects like pans or gardening tools like shovels cannot be used as weapons.

A salmon fails the ‘be an actual weapon’ test.


The salmon could be a mages rod if you made it of “wood” or such


I have a friend of mine who has a rod in the shape of a sea horse so yes a salmon is possible.


This does raise the question though - I have seen foam larp props of fish, rolling pins and frying pans for sale in various places. Would there be any point in having items such as these at Empire?


While I don’t believe these were designed with Empire in mind, there is no reason why they can not be used. I have picked a Larp breadstick and used in the field to hit someone who was moaning they were hungry but refused to eat so I said here have some bread.

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I was in a Dawnish House a few years back. The Seneschal had a larp-safe lump of 2 by 4, labelled Clue-Stick. She used it on the Anvil field, generally on Nobles…


An actual warhammer would be totally suitable - Dawn, Highguard and League in particular I think.

Something that looks like a sledgehammer or claw hammer would probably be unsuitable. It is a fine line between “weapon” and “comedy item” in some cases. Particularly with implements that should not look like an actual weapon. With this in mind we want wizardy things, wands, sparkly rods, ornate staffs. They should be identifiable as a magical implement. There are some truly awesome examples of these in game - the archmage staffs come to mind. But at the same time the implement should not be just another item - fish/seahorse/2x4/random object.

We want things to look serious and realistic for the setting. A fish is not an implement, a rod carved with a fish’s head would be.