Using glow in the dark paint for mage armour

Hello all,
Just wanted to get a general consensus on what people think when using glow in the dark paint for mage armour? Does anyone think it would fit into the world of empire or would it be out of place? If not whats a good way of identifying that you are wearing mage armour opposed to regular armour?
Thanks in advance.

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What’s that, gently glowing mage armour? Sounds great :smiley:

Some folk have built in LEDs and lightstrips into armour and/or weaponry… the important thing here is safety. If it is safe to use and for people to faceplant into it at speed, then go for it.

It is the simplest way to portray a magical effect, after all.

As for the frequent issue of making something more “mage” and less “armour”:
Painted on designs, runes and inticate patterns
Ribbons, cloth sections, maybe inlaid gems (glass, rounded for preference, attached FIRMLY)
Made to a strange design or pattern (scale armour made of stiff cloth an each scale being an autumn leaf is one I’ve seen)

What you need is something that isn’t actually that practical as armour, but which suggests the concept.

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I use glow in the dark paint extensively in my kit and there are even several bits of jewellery and sundry ive sold IC on the field. If anyone has a problem with it they didnt tell me and i even got a few compliments. I always described it a “Powdered Urizeni glowstone” and that seemed to be enough of an explanation.

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Mind if i ask where your getting your paint? I may need a new supply

Hey, so I haven’t brought any yet but im looking at LIT pigment as it seems to have good reviews, although it does seem expensive for a small amount.
I would likely only be using it to add small glowing runes on my armour however.

I’ve bought it for mine and it seems to work well