Varushkan childhood nicknames

Has anyone else picked their childhood nickname? I was inspired to come up with one a little while ago for both myself and my IC little brother, and was wondering what names other people have come up with. :slight_smile:

Mine is Little Moth - she dances, she flits, she gets in the way, and gets involved in things she should really leave alone. … hka_people
"It is common for children to initially be named with something more akin to a nickname, a substitutional name, that it is often thought will not attract the curiousity of those Evils that constantly threaten the Vales. These names are short and often dismissive in tone, to keep the children safe. Normally the child will be granted their proper name sometime between 7 and 11 years old, as they begin to develop towards adulthood. It has been known for these names to last long into adulthood though, mostly much to the bearer’s annoyance. "

There’s no-one left who would remember mine :frowning:

Completely approve of all of the Embers (and everyone else) picking theirs. Childhood names (and knowing how people react to them) would be a tool in every wise-one’s box of headology tricks - I’d have probably used yours at a certain point last event had I known.

Their possibility as a kind of Varushkan “bringing-out-the-baby-photos” shouldn’t be discounted either.

I only thought of giving myself one this downtime as a result of a random throw-away line in an IC letter. It’s a shame I hadn’t picked it before (and let you know… although as I married into the Embers/Prochnosts you would be less likely to know it than a Belgorotseva family member would).

I agree, knowing them as a Wise One could provide useful headology moments, especially if someone is getting too big for their boots!

I know my IC brother’s baby name and I have used it IC in a gentle ribbing kind of way. It’s the line, “It has been known for these names to last long into adulthood though, mostly much to the bearer’s annoyance.” that made me want to come up with one for him when he joined the game last event. He’s my little brother. I’m going to be a bit silly with him occasionally. :slight_smile:

Kazimir’s childhood name was Biscuit, which he is still called occasionally by other members of the Order.

Irina’s was Little Bird. That’s why my kit is covered in bird motifs.

“Little worm” fits for a Draugir child right?

Squeaker for Ash, purely because he couldn’t roar like all the other children… Despite endless trying.

Unsurprisingly, many of the Thorns have theirs…

Pokrzywa meaning ‘Nettle’. I stung when people got too close…

Cub, obviously :wink: