The new(ish) venom rules and new mass venom smoke have me thinking.


I am on the battlefield and the Druj take me down.
I am bleeding out.
I am one minute into my bleed count.
A mass venom goes off nearby and catches me in the radius.

Is my bleed count retroactively reduced to 30 seconds from the moment of injury, meaning I am already over it and terminal, or is it reduced to 30 seconds from when I took the venom?

I don’t like the idea of using venom to auto-kill someone who’s been down for 30 seconds.

In the absence of guidance, I would choose the shorter of “my time left” or “my time under venom” and count to that… so no ability to use venom to extend someone’s death count either. :wink:

Vaan’s guess is correct: you will become terminal in whichever is shorter: your time-to-terminal immediately before the VENOM affected you, or thirty seconds plus ten seconds per rank of fortitude. Once I can phrase this without using “time-to-terminal” it’ll even go up somewhere other than a forum.

Remaining bleed time

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