Viability of Combatant with No Fighting Skills


Alderman’s edge isn’t as common as Greensteel Bracers but it’s still an option.


Out of curiosity, is there an item that gives Ambidexterity? I know I see a lot of people dissuading people from the skill, so I’m mostly asking out of curiosity, and the fact that two medium swords are easier to transport on the train than a spear or shield.


No. You can get any other combat skill (effectively), but not ambidex.


Is there an OOC reason for there not being an Ambidex item? I also noticed the ritual Might of the Myrmidon seems to give everything other than Ambidex.


Glaives are probably the most Urizen polearm, spears are popular as well


You might find that an item that grants the Ambidexterity skill is possible, it’s just no such item exists in Imperial Lore, likely because no-one bothered to create a schema for one.

Possibly something to discuss with the Seer of the Spiral Sword


If you have a few buddies then it might be worth tracking down an Autumn Coven to cast:

As it gives three people “partial weapon mastery” as a magnitude 14 ritual.

Also spears and two handed swords are cool :slight_smile:.


Might be something worth writing an Arcane Projection for…


Ambidexterity is only 1exp, so it may not be worth the item.

@Thresher. I was thinking more for later if Shemhazai decided to pick up a skill in a years time


I was actually looking at pole arms / two handers as potential choices, but right now it’d be difficult for me to use anything that big since I’m having to travel from Edinburgh on the train.


I believe there is a coach that travels done from that area. Look for the empire travel arrangements FB page. may be worth asking if some one had space for your kit to let you travel down.