Vis in mastered Rituals

Hello everyone, I understand vis is not crystal mana, and it replaces crystal mana in rituals. So, what happens when vis is used for a mastered ritual?

It replaces crystal mana in rituals. Counts as up to three mana, counts towards the limit of contribution based on lore, gets doubled to calculate magnitude exactly as three mana crystals glued together would.


Please note Vis doesn’t give change. So if your ritual needs 5 mana crystals and you use 2 Vis of the appropriate realm (worth 6 mana) you don’t get a mana crystal back.


Please also note that Vis may be shared between participants. For example:
Three witches get together, share one dose of night Vis, spout some dodgy prophecy from their magnitude 6 ritual, and never even saw a crystal. Then compare diaries.

So it contributes only as three mana crystals independent of if the ritual is mastered or not.

Three mana, interacts with mastery and lore in the normal fashion.

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Oh cool, thank you