Visiting Sarvos

So, my Striding has been visiting Sarvos during downtime. What sort of trouble could a very curious, excitable, friendly, but easily confused Navarri from the back of beyond get into? Until recently Isca had never met more than twelve new people at once, so is somewhat lacking in diplomacy, tact, and cultural sensitivity.

Sarvos is a cosmopolitan town whose inhabitants are well used to dealing with those who do not know her ways. Some of our citizens even prefer to deal with first timers like yourself - typically they are even more brightly coloured than the rest of us, found on street corners and ever so helpful.

If you had any money left after that there are markets with more different finished goods than you have ever seen in one place.

There is the theater, both indoors and street, magic optional. See something satirical and get caught in the brawl when a member of the audience takes insult. Fall in love with an actor.

If you want to go to sea or to Holberg there are dozens of people hiring. If one of your steading signs up by mistake (see colourful people above, also fruity foreign drinks that don’t seem all that alcoholic) there may have to be shenanigans getting them back.

Visit palaces on stilts where the ground level dropped but property prices didn’t. Visit embassies, factories, banks, universities, hospitals…

Insult a Bravo and when they show up for a duel have your mates ambush them with big sticks because you’re Navarr dammit and you don’t mess about in a fight.

Sounds fun! Does anyone want to have met Isca during downtime?


Carta Bellamarina is based at the aforementioned palace on stilts though our actual enterprises are in more practical locations. Silas himself will only be in town for the first week or two of the season, raising a company to join the Holberg campaign - he’d be glad of some Navarri archers but the drinks he’ll ply you with are at least very obviously alcoholic.

I think it could be more fun to have heard of her, but to leave meeting for uptime roleplay.
Meanwhile in downtime Isca might have been to see a play performed by the Four Rivers, and/or a concert featuring Niccolo playing violin.

I play a character who has spent some time in the League, and have (by prior arrangement) defined that he knows some League PCs by reputation. This led to some fun in uptime along the lines of “You, sir- what did you say your name was? Ah. I’ve heard of you.”

I recommend doing something similar, as Canashir has suggested. It’s a good way of starting out with preconceived notions and other built-in plot hooks. :slight_smile:

Visit the Church of the Little Mother! See the Holy Cups! Donate money to help the Charming Little Orphans! Get glared at by Church bravos if you don’t want to help the Charming Little Orphans! Dodge the Scathing Eyebrow of the Cardinal!

Sarvos is undergoing some massive building work at the moment with the flooded district of Caracamore being reclaimed from the sea

IF you want to have met myself (Senator Miroslav de Sarvos) feel free to PM me or find me on facebook

Other than the ‘great building site’ you may have met many of the Asavean traders or diplomats that have come to the city (although these will probably all be PD npc’s so woth checking with them)