Visual Arts

First a story. At E1 I wandered into the Senate. I amused the children by playing name the nation, using the banners, and idly had a look at the winners of the Pride of the Empire. I hadn’t seen the second winner before, and I failed to realise that the actual art had been stolen. I just interpreted the mirrors as a piece of conceptual art suggesting that the viewer should be seeking virtue, etc. within themselves, and dismissed it. It was only after the event that I found out about the stolen masks.

To me, the fact that I could make that mistake says something sad about my experience of the visual arts in the game.

There is no guide for visual arts, and very little to suggest the differences between nations. Each nations has a look and feel (costume) section and a music section, but the icons and artistry section is buried, not present for all nations, and very sparse. The use of modern art is prevalent and that seems odd to me given the emphasis on historic costume and music.

I feel as though the visual arts are being neglected.

This has been reinforced by Dawn’s attitude (my own nation) which is summed up by the festival of arts. This has individual competitions for song and poetry but relegates all the visual arts to a house competition involving piling your arts and crafts on a table.

Now this may be a Dawnish thing, with performance being valued more highly than other arts. Or maybe amateur singers are just more common than amateur painters. So I’m curious how other people have experienced the visual arts in game. (Particularly given the recent enchantment).

Going by the brief the League is probably the most artistic nation, and I know the visual arts were celebrated by Highguard at the House of Rooks (although that was a player event).

Is there other cool artistic stuff I’m missing out on?

Can we expand on the icons and artistry sections of the wiki?

Next time you’re in a field come and see the virtue banners in the Highguard chapel. They’re gorgeous, religiously inspired and very Highborn!

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I love singing and performance as well as visual art! The problem is that I have nowhere dry and vertical to hang pieces of art, and rain and mud would kill stuff, where as singing, poetry and plays are easier to transport and display. That said I have still commissioned a couple of paintings and a banner, and I’m working on ways to display more more stuff…

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It looks like banners are the most widely represented form of visual art. I will have to seek them out on the field!

The Suns of Couros have a very nice tapestry celebrating the liberation of Reikos. Also in Highguard, Felix’s Watch have a nice banner celebrating the Nine and the Virtues of those who carried their bodies back from Sarvos (ask about the story, it’s ace and not at all about one of my former characters :smiley: ).