Volhov advice

So, from E1 I will have my shiny Volhov robe. The problem I have is that the word Volhov is used by a lot of people as a general term for magic users - since the Wiki doesn’t state that Volhovs are only coven-less magic users, saying “I’m Volhov” won’t mean the same to them as it does to me.

I plan to get a hat and stave, but any thoughts on how to be recognisably this type of Volhov without literally saying to people “I’m the type of Volhov who can help covens with rituals”?

Good question. Sadly, I don’t think there’s a visual way to signal this. To get past this, I’ve tended to refer to battle mages as volhovs, or as mere volohovs, and ritualists as cabalists. However, I think I’d assume that someone calling themselves a cabalist would actually be in a cabal. The best way I can think of would be for you to describe yourself as a ‘Winter volhov’ or ‘Autumn volhov’ so that people can tell you are a ritualist. If your background is Ushkan-flavoured, you could call yourself a Bargainer, which would identify you to other Ushkan-flavoured ritualists, but might draw blank stares from most of the player base.

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Advertise the robe would be the simple way.

As a mage from another nation I have no clue on the nuance of what a Volhov is, but if someone mentioned they had a Volhov’s robe, I would know independent ritualist could join my coven if the same nation

Honestly at least to start be as proactive and explicit as possible. Seek out covens that practice your realms and make it abundantly clear that you can help them, and if they are confused explain. (Also as a herder or Ritual cats, while I keep a look out for potential cats. I can’t identify all of them, and being proactive increases my chance of me looking for you when I need that extra mag.)*

*Although the hat would ddefinitely help.

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