Voting Resources

Marchers get voting power based on farms, Wintermarkers based on military units. Is there a list somewhere of what empowers citizens of each nation to vote?

If you mean voting for bourse resources, it was summarised in a rules update last year

Well Worn Paths Coverswhich resources are commonly used to vote for things in the Bourse for each nation.

Elctions I can’t find a master list but that will be listed for each nation under Leadership.

From Memory for Senators (If wrong please correct):

Orcs: Millitary units that support the Legions
Highguard: Congregations
Brass Coast: Auction
Varuskha: Elected by Council of Wise Ones.
The League: Business
Marchers: Farm
Wintermark: Military Units
Navarr: One Vote for each Citizen, No resources needed
Urizen: Characters with Ritualist ranks
Dawn: *TO THE GLORY SQUARE TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!! (Has been changed to a popularity contest.)


In Varushka, Senators are elected by the Council of Wise Ones. Mine and forest owners is for elections done via the Bourse.

There, fixed that for you. They get someone to do their hair, put on a nice show and the garland goes to the best. It’s basically Crufts.


Didn’t the system for Dawn change on the basis that it was quite clearly excluding players on the basis of physical ability and was therefore not consistent with the spirit of inclusivity which Empire is meant to support?

Edit:It did; as of the Winter Solstice 382 (April 2019) the voting system is open to all nobles and the tourney is just to show how glorious you are in hopes of gaining more votes.



All Navarr resident in a territory vote equally for Senator. No resource requirement/impact other than location.

Their national Bource resource is voted for by Herb Garden owners.
Their national Liao sinecure in voted for by Congregation holders.

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OC Politics regarding it aside, dawnish nobles now get to vote but only once a year (not sure if that’s the same everywhere)

The tourney now decides who becomes the knight protector. A new imperial title to do with heralds and magical realms.

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One Navarr, one vote? How barbaric.


Edited post above.

True, but for those of us from Broceliande, we have no senator! Nor Imperial Regio, for that matter. We’re at the heart of the empire with the history of the Terunael and the loyalty of the Navarr - now to take Dark Ranging and actually make it Imperial.

I did vote as a Herb Garden owner once, before I changed to a fleet. And other Senators have been kind when needed.

Actually, it’s having a fleet that allows one to vote.

But becoming a senator? Yes, that’s, ‘who has the most money?’

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For Wintermark, senators is anyone of the origin for the territory.

Kallavesi vote for the Kallavesa senator, Suaq for Sermersuaq’s, Steinr for Hahnmark’s. It’s done with a one ring piece(more optional)

IIRC military units is the bourse voting, but we don’t have any currently.