Wand phys-rep, does it have to be a 'Wand'?

Part of my character backstory will be that I keep a broken sword with me that I used, and broke, during my test of metal.
Would this be suitable to use as a wand if it was safe and in the right size range?

I use a dagger with vines wrapped around it - never had any complaints.

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Wiki quote

They may appear to be made of any material, and should be decorated and shaped to make it as clear as possible that they are magical implements and not weapons… you cannot use a spear or anything that is clearly a phys-rep of a weapon.

A larpsafe broken sword is a physrep of a weapon, albeit a broken one. It’s a “bladey thing” not a “wizard stick”

I think there could be good roleplay in a metal wand that was forged from your broken sword, if you got a metal-effect physrep.

I’ve recently made a new wand that’s meant to look like a broken rod mounted on a stiletto handle. Have you considered having a broken mage rod your PC used on their test instead?


I have to agree with Jim. The rules seem pretty clear under implements

“Must be a safe phys-rep of a wand, rod or staff” and “Should not look like a weapon”

A broken sword, or a dagger with icy round it, are not a phys-rep of a wand, staff, or rod. You might want to speak to rules@profounddecisions,co,uk about this.


If the blade and crosspiece broke off you could hold the handle and point the pommel at people.

Does that count as both a broken sword and clearly not a weapon?

I suspect it would look like someone had broken bits off a sword rather than it was a wand. It’s not just it must not look like a weapon but that it must be a phys-rep of a wand, rod or staff too.

You should be able to find plenty of wand, rod and staff phys reps in the traders at the next event or alternatively check these trader links - https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Traders as some of them will show what mage implements they make so you’ll be able to ask them to bring one along.