WAR! (Redux)

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Raff here. We’ve done some minor tweaking to the section of the wiki that deals with War (profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/War), Imperial army movement and the like. It’s most relevant to the twenty-or-so people whose characters are Generals (who now get their own title page) or adjutants, but it might be worth taking a look if you ever plan to * be * a general, or if you want to read about the thinking behind the way we built what I laughingly refer to as our “campaign rules.”

We haven’t changed a huge amount, and what we have changed is summarized here (profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … ant_did_it).

None of this is required reading. Except for Liam Spinage (Pavel the Civil Servant) who needs to be word perfect on it by Friday. Good luck, Liam!

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