War Skirts

This is going to sound like a really f**king pretentious question and I do apologise for that, but…

So the wrist/ankle wraps were originally to hide the scars left by manacles, and the battered and mismatched armour is a result of us making do with what we can scavenge and a make-do-and-mend attitude… but the ‘Look and Feel’ page on the Wiki ( profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … k_and_feel ) just mentions that we wear warskirts without really explaining why we wear them… so what is the reasoning or cultural significance behind orcs wearing the warskirt?

I mean is it a formal thing, or a more practical thing? Are they like a patchwork kilt, in which case is it acceptable to not wear anything underneath (keeping everything ‘family friendly’ of course), or is it considered more appropriate to wear them over trousers? Is length related to status at all?

It just seems dropped into the brief like an afterthought… or am I thinking about this a little bit too much? :wink:


It looks cool!.

I think it essentially is to look cool.

However - my warskirt is used to paint symbols on,hang amulets off of, small items of worth, bits of chainmail from heroes armour etc. Basically, your own personal little reliquae.

Thats how I view it.

Maybe it was easier to make a skirt than pants when we were slaves?

I have to agree with pel my skirt/belt it like my own personal banner wair I can show my story and my trinkets but Tin’s also right because its cool.

over all I think they went for it on the looks cool basic and decided not to shoe horn in some convoluted reason.

I have always assumed “war skirt” means armour.

Looking at the pictures on that look-and-feel page on the wiki, it looks that way to me (counting as light or medium armour depending on thickness) …and in at least the first of those pictures the trousers underneath are certainly needed.

To me it looks like a quick cheap easy practical way to make armour to cover from waist to knee. Improvised chausses. Maybe dating back to the time of rebellion when the orcs didn’t have much conventional purpose-made armour?

Maybe it’s a heritage to the orcs more savage past and to continue to highlight their connection to the barbarian orcs the surround and threaten the empire, an homage to their ancestors fashion