Wayfarers Sash?

I’m thinking of becoming a Wayfarer for the next event but need a little advice. The Wiki says that “Warfarers tend to wear a wide sash of braided black and white cloth as a symbol of their office”. Does anyone know what this actually looks like? Is it braided like hair braids or a chequered pattern like a chess board.

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There is no standardised look for them - I’ve seen a variety and as long as it is obviously a) a sash, b) black and white and c) braided in some way then you should be good. There are ways of braiding cords or strips together to form a square pattern; I’ve made this as a bracelet pattern before and if I were to make a Wayfarer’s sash I’d probably scale that up. Requires a lot of material though!

That is awesome! Do you have a guide or pattern on how to make it?

The pattern is here - it is made with a Kumihimo plate, but for a scaled up version you would probably need to improvise. Be aware that it has quite a bit of thickness to it as well, so there may be better styles of braiding, but certainly a square pattern can be achieved with some fiddling.

Wow that’s complicated! Thanks for the pattern though :slight_smile:

A 7 or 8 piece plait would work as well, just start with strips longer than you need the finished article, knot or trap the ends so you can pull against them and you should be fine. Then stitch or knot the ends to keep from unravelling at required length and trim off surplus.

If you don’t want to have to edge finish long strips of fabric first use ribbon or cotton tape.

Not too annoying youtube clip for how to do a 7 piece plait. youtube.com/watch?v=xHR5kw_Qg_M

I used a four-strand braid - easy enough for a complete novice to do. It’s not as wide as these other ones, but I think it got the impression across.