We made a podcast

Me and a couple of friends went to E1 this year as new player and made a little podcast discussing our experience. If this isn’t appropriate for the forums let me know and I’ll take it down.

If people enjoy it we’ll make more.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend!


just been happily listening to part… 2? the first bit of the weekend. Glad to hear you had a good time, and I found the Ashborn (Orcs) and Ashbourne (Navarr) confusion hilarious :slight_smile:
Glad to hear that the Wintermark Wrecking Ball made such an impression on you (I’m in Dawn, but they looked pretty good, eh?).

I did note that you’d twisted your knee. I have knee issues myself, and can reccomend this sort of thing:

as good preventative support for the knees, especially in uncertain footing.

Looking forwards to when I can listen to the rest!

Welcome to the game!

Thanks for listening to it! We really appreciate it. The knee is all good now. Always good to take precautions though. Glad you are enjoying it.

That was an interesting listen. I have made podcasts in the past, if you ever want an experienced larper as guest I’ll be very honored :smiley:

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Very entertaining!

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Thank you for listening! I think guests would be great in the future.

Thank you for listening. Glad you enjoyed it.

Have now listened to part 3. Sounds like you had a great time on the skirmishes, although a shame you missed the grand battle. Actually, given you had a busted knee, and Navarr did a LOT of running (away from Wintermark and Dawn monstering, tee hee…), possibly lucky you missed that one.

I concur with the point you made of mental editing memories… “On the field I was aware of safety, and the refs, and the mud… I look back on it and it’s an action movie…”

LARP I think of as a mechanism for generating stories. I think you have a few already :slight_smile:

Hope to see you guys at E2, even if I can’t find a good reason to drop by IC…

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Hi Geoffrey. Thanks for listening. Unfortunately due to forces beyond our control we are not going to be able to attend E2. I’m truly gutted to not be able to attend. We are however going to be heading to E3 come hell or high water. Which nation are you with?

You did say Dawn apologies!

I came back to this thread to ask when your report on E2 was going to be…

…and you’d already posted that you weren’t going to be able to make E2…

…you may have dodged a bullet there… casaulties were very high in the big battles.

I’ll have to wait for your E3 podcast :slight_smile:

It sounded like a tough one from what I’ve read. Navaar are organising some battle training Friday which will hopefully get us up to scratch.

Me and Ian have both booked our tickets. Really humbled by the really nice response to the podcast so we’re keen to make more.

Hi - you podcasts are excellent. I’ll be attending my first event at E3 in July. Your podcast gave so many helpful points (I know no longer have tragic past :grinning:).

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Many typos - apologies

Hi Gizmor thank you very much for listening! We are so hyped for E3. Which nation did you choose?

Hi - me too! I can’t wait. Spending all my time out of work prepping a costume; madly riveting leather together and dying faux fur… So much fun. I went for Navarr - although am slightly gutted that I won’t be part of the Wintermark shield wall, particularly having read the Bernard Cornwell Last Kingdom series. Looking forward to demonstrating my ineptitude on the battlefield nevertheless!

Ah awesome. Strength to the Empire, Strength to Navarr! I was a big fan of the Sharpe books when I was younger so I might have to visit the Last Kingdom. Good luck on the battlefield, trust me when I say you won’t be as bad as me. GL & HF!

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If you like shieldwalls, come to Highguard!


Put the shield down and bring a halberd/bill/spear. So much fun. Come and join us in the league.


No! Charge gloriously across the battlefield, bright and colourful with Dawn!